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Quotes by heartofgold

*cringes at old quotes*

don't live your life
[waiting for an opportunity]
go out and make one yourself.


90% of conversations with me:

me: who is that

me: what are you talking about

me: I don't know what that is

me: wait what

What my parents don't understand is 
that there is a difference between talking back and defending yourself.


          I hate how everyone is always judging twelve year olds.
          Just because I'm a twelve year old, doesn't make me a bad person.
          I don't do drugs, I don't smoke, I don't drink.
          Just because some twelve year olds do doesn't mean all the other twelves do.


I'm sorry, but this is getting ridiculous.
I'm sick of all these quotes about how 'Witty isn't the same'.
No, maybe it's not the same, but nothing ever does stay the same, does it?
People grew up and left school, focused on their lives and on college or university.
They wouldn't have time for Witty because of course work and jobs. 
Nothing will change Witty back. I'm sorry, but that's the truth.

If you're looking for a sign,
not to kill yourself tonight, this is it.


                                  i wanna do bad things to you ;) like break your f/cking neck


I hate how I'm always jealous
of someone who has more than
me and I can't behappy with what I have.


My friends when I skip one meal: You never eat!
My friends when I eat: You eat like a pig!