Status: <-- This is me going down the stairs. If I were a dog.
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Hey! My name is Catherine, just so you know.
I am not the most funny person you'll meet, yet I'm probably the most LOUD person you'll ever meet.
I am from the USA,
I am currently in 7th grade,
I have really severe peanut and treenut allergies,
my favorite sport is soccer,

my favorite food is pizza,
my other sport is 
figure skating,
I like One Direction (don't judge)
My favorite song is Talk Dirty by Jason Durillo and Two Chainz,
I absolutely LOVE the Twiglight Saga,
I have 2 brothers, a sister, and a dog, wait make that 3 dogs if you count my brothers...:)

I also like making friends,
You might wanna check out skilletbiscuit, doublesidedice, madicakes, alex94548 and atira.
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20th follower: flyingbacon7
I follow back :)

Quotes by heartofstones

Sometimes people will always throw
stones in your path.
it depends on what you make
with them.
Wall or Bridge?
Remember you are the architect of your life.
Step 1. Put serand wrap under the toilet seat.
Step 2: Wait for someone to sit down and pee.
Step 3: Laugh your head off and enjoy.
If I had a dollar
for every time I thought about you,
I would start thinking about you.
5 things you never want to heartofstones your roommate say:
" We're gonna party so hard this year"
"I have lice"
"I dropped your toothbrush in the toilet"
"I think I forgot to lock the door when I left"
"I SAW A BEDBUG!!!!!!!!"
Dear 20 open internet tabs,
Which one of you are playing the music?
3 Most Difficult Things to do in The World:

1. Counting your hair
2. Washing your eyes with soap
3. Breathing when your tongue is out.

Now please put your tongue back in your mouth.
Confession #2:
Whenever me and my family go to church, my family are the only people clapping in the recessional song, or the last song.
People always stare and I hide my face in the song sheet. I tell them to stop, but they always say, "No, Catherine. If we
clap, then other people will, too." But other people never do. Ah, family. A bunch of creatures that love to embarrass and
annoy you.
Confession #1:
When I was little (about 8 or 9) I used to think that
the word 'suicide' wasn't "you killing yourself". I 
thought it was killing yourself in a sewer. I pronounced
it "sewercide"
I hate it
when people breathe
the same air as me.
"I need to stop" I whispered to myself
as I clicked "next episode"
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