Status: <-- This is me going down the stairs. If I were a dog.
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Hey! My name is Catherine, just so you know.
I am not the most funny person you'll meet, yet I'm probably the most LOUD person you'll ever meet.
I am from the USA,
I am currently in 7th grade,
I have really severe peanut and treenut allergies,
my favorite sport is soccer,

my favorite food is pizza,
my other sport is 
figure skating,
I like One Direction (don't judge)
My favorite song is Talk Dirty by Jason Durillo and Two Chainz,
I absolutely LOVE the Twiglight Saga,
I have 2 brothers, a sister, and a dog, wait make that 3 dogs if you count my brothers...:)

I also like making friends,
You might wanna check out skilletbiscuit, doublesidedice, madicakes, alex94548 and atira.
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