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I'm your typical teenage girl.
I wish for love all the time.
I have a mess of a life.
i  want someone to  be mine.

I stress about the little things. 
I say I hate everyone when in reality I just can't trust anyone.
I love when people make me smile.
I keep things bottled up.
I want to be noticed.
I want the perfect body.
But when it comes down to it,  I just want to be happy. (:

btw, i am the one on the right in the picture.(:

Quotes by heatherr11

today we just layed there,
and cuddled, and it was so nice, to just be spontaneous and not care what people think for once.
you're ruining
my life.
i could have used a hug.
 but it's okay, because now i have no one.
funny how you all come back when i dont want you anymore.
i dont really want to go back to you, even though you say all the right things. because he's perfect. 
you've been right in front of me this whole time..im honestly so glad i finally realized it because you are perfect. you're not like other guys, and you like me for me, which means a lot, you make me laugh, and smile and im just happy. for once nothing feels wrong, nothings holding me back from you. and i finally remember what its like to be wanted.

Hi, im Heathers bestfriend. Shes

been hacked(: i just want you all to

know who she truly is. She is the

funniest, sweetest and prettiest girl

i have every met. She has never

failed to make me smile. She is the

best, bestfriend ever.

the fact that someday, we won't see eachother every day, and that someday i'm going to have to leave my bestfriend, that someday im going to lose you.