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I'm your typical teenage girl.
I wish for love all the time.
I have a mess of a life.
i  want someone to  be mine.

I stress about the little things. 
I say I hate everyone when in reality I just can't trust anyone.
I love when people make me smile.
I keep things bottled up.
I want to be noticed.
I want the perfect body.
But when it comes down to it,  I just want to be happy. (:

btw, i am the one on the right in the picture.(:

Quotes by heatherr11


 just thinking back to those days.... i realize that that's the only time i was ever happy, truly happy. i just want to make sure that you understand that, that you are able to make me feel a way i have never felt before, and honestly i hope i get another chance..because i miss you so much.
you would call me your baby every day, cheer me up whenever i was down and i would do the same. we didnt care about anybody else because we had eachother. i trusted you with my life and told you everything. you said goodnight beautiful and good morning gorgeous everyday, for 5 months. i just miss you, 

  i miss being happy.


my best  friend
doesn't want us together...and i'm not even sure i do anymore.
they're gonna say
we're bad for eachother,
but we ain't good
for anyone else.<3
when   you  realize
that you're

finally over him.<3
& helping you
i s   a c t u a l l y   h e l p i n g   m e 
get over you.
i need to stop giving in, and start standing up for myself.



because you don't

want  to  risk the 


talking to the guy who used to be your best friend, who you fell in love with, and who drifted away, like you barely know eachother and trying to act like it's normal.
yea, it sucks.

pain makes 
people change.


those late night

texts that literally make you 


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