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~My name is heather, i'm a sophmore
~Favorite Color is Purple

~I play soccer and basketball for my high school
~Friends and family are my everything
~I love helping people with their problems, so i'm here for anyone who wants to talk
~I don't drink nor smoke
~I'm in a rap group, through my music i express what i can not

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S o this is how closure feels like, I'm so glad I'm moving forward<3


Conversation Killers#2 ♥ 
You: hey what's up
other person: ntm

-the other person doesn't ask you back



Conversation Killer #1
When someone responds with "k" after you sent a meaningful message
~heatherx157 like for a series

 Sometimes you have to listen to your heart, and swallow your pride




Somtimes yohave to fall out of love,
 To fall back in ♥


 I don't wanna go to school looking like the girl he left, i wanna go looking like the girl he should"ve kept<3
my quote


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I want to tell you the truth, but if i did i

know that it would ruin everything

between us</3



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 i love when
 my two best guy friends come over and we watch

the  Justin Bieber
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 My boyfriend just bailed on me when we had a date to go to the movies...

Now  I'm going  with my  best  friend(and yes he is a guy)


Everytime I see you,
 my body goes numb and my heart grows weak