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Hello, how you doing?
Lol, i haven't been on this in months.........

Witty changed.

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Everyone says that he likes me back... No-one understands how this makes me feel :)
we have become close again... nothing could make my life better at the moment :D
Will someone be my Witty best friend? :)
He touched my hand today...
He was talking to me, reassuring me on things and he touched my hand.
He said "You look beautiful Kez
He called me his best friend again...
I'm in love with my best friend...

He already has someone.  
Do you ever just feel like eating a galon of Ice Cream?
...Yeah, me too
I just want to pack my bags, 
Move too the other side of the world...
Just start again. 
Change my name, 
Dye my hair...
Just start again.
Learn a forgotten language, 
Meet new people...
Just start again.
But most of all,
I just want to finally feel like I belong. 

I really feel like no one gets me...
Sometimes, I just feel so alone...
It hurts..
Today I bought a milkshake...

It was Nutella, Banana and Oreo flavour...

Just let the beauty of that sink in... 
'We are WILD

Fall Out Boy, Young Volcanoes. 

I swear,
Boredom will be the death of me.