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Food is my antidote for everything. ♥
Hey, I'm Madison. I'm 14 and i blow my candles out on the 8th of May. I love coming on witty to express my 'witty' side of me! Well i'm not too sure what to put here.. well, like alot of you, music is my life! My current favorite wong would have to be Done by The Band Perry! And yes, i also adore cats and food, I mean who doesn't right?? MUSIC + FOOD + CATS = PERFECT LIFE.



Quotes by helloimasmileface

You don't know true embarrassment
until you're sitting in a chair at school, you turn around,
and stab your teacher in the stomach with a pencil.



Today I was walking up the stairs in school and I FELL BACKWARD which would normally be VERY embarrassing but my CRUSH WAS RIGHT BEHIND ME AND I LIKE FELL ON HIM AND HE KINDA LIKE CAUGHT ME AND I'M SCREAMING OMG THIS IS JUST A WONDERFUL DAY.


Instead odreaming of getting

100% on my tests, I dream of the last quote on the first page on Witty having 100 favorites. Poor inactive Witty.

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of sadness when your teacher assigns seats and you're really far away from your friend.


       I went outside while not eating anything at all      .
HAHAHAHA. Wait why aren't you laughing?

Me: i won't snack today, only 3 meals ok here we go

Me: lol tomorrow i'll do it ok



*dropthat thun thun thun*
                                                                                                                                                   *picks it up*                                                                                 

manot bprettonice,
                                                              but at least i never went through an 'xD' phase.


If I were a superstar:
Me: okay anyone wanna take a picture with me (; (;
All of my fans: Ew no lol
My cat: Ew no lol
Best friend: Ew no lol 

Mom: Ew no lol

What do you mean i can't be a tumblr girl?   
I promise you i am very clumsy??