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hi i'm alexia.
[ uh-lex-see-uh ]
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tw, I'm new to Witty as you can probably tell..
but I L O V E to meet new people so feel free to stop by and chat ;)

Quotes by helloitslexi

I remember when eyebrows were made out of hair.

green M&Ms count as vegetables right?


when you're so deathly tired 
you dont even know what you're saying anymore
I go to bed with all these plans of getting up early and being productive then I look at the clock and it’s noon and I’m still in bed


my rate of cookie consumption is on the rise


I think cop cars should play the "Jaws" theme song before pulling someone over.
You let a good girl go and you let her walk out of your life. For whatever reason, maybe it was because of a stupid fight, or maybe it was because of another girl you were talking to, or maybe it was because of your insecurities that made you think she was messing around with another guy behind your back, whatever the reason was, it wasn't worth losing her. Now, you regret it, don't you? Seeing her moving on with her life and being happy again? When you first left her, yeah, she was hurt and she was hurt for a long time, but eventually, she realized it wasn't her loss, it was yours. She realized that all the things you didn't like about her, another man is gonna enjoy. All the things you wanted to change about her, another man is gonna accept. All of those insecurities you caused her to feel, another man is gonna help her remember what she's worth. So in a way, she's glad you left her, because now, you're no longer holding her back from being herself. It's too late for you to try to fix things, because she's too smart to get back with you now.

There's 365 days a year, & you only choose ONE day to do something special for your significant other???

It's 2014. Why can't our laptops shoot out food yet?

I wish McDonald's would spend as much money on the quality of their food as they did on their scenery and touch screen stuff.