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Quotes by helovesher___0x

Me without them is like a gangster without grillz.
Just messed up.
They are the reason I
wake up in the morning,
and go to school everyday
they are the reason I
live and breathe.
They are my girls.
They are
my posse,my girls
my circle,my crew
my best friends forever
and more, it's true.
This is my wishing star. I know it's silly, but I'd do anything just to have a chance.
Here's a knife. Now we can make it official taht you stabbed me in the back.
Hi. I'm the girl of your dreams. Someone said you were looking for me?
I can't believe i wasted time on you.
how silly of me to think i had a chance when really
you were just leading me on.
have fun with the girl who's living my life.
have fun stabbing my heart with a knife.
Isn't is amazing how
you look try to look so good everyday
and he doesnt even know
that it's all for him? </3
Let's set one thing straight.
I like you and you like me.
Then how does *she* fit in the picture?
Come to my crib
and we can shake, rattle, and roll!