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heeeyyy! me and my BFF share this witty acount and we are the ultimate directioners! so if you love one direction than follow us! 

Quotes by henryjayda143

Just found this on witty:Hey there Delilah what's it like in your vag.na?
We're a thousand miles away but girl i'd like to get inside ya.
Yes I do, no girl can fck as well as you. I sware it's true.
Hey there Delilah, don't you worry about protection.
I'm even harder when you're lonely take a look at my erection
Close your eyes. I wanna get between your thighs, till i'm inside.
Ooooh i wish you would do me. ohh i wish you would screw me.
Me: Sense when did Witty get so dirty...?
[Insert clever quote here]
i'm gunna make a cheer account so ya follow it >>>> CheerProbzTho
Dylan(person on Twitter): Me, You> sleep.

On Christmas in my family...If there isn't punches being thrown, drugs, or cops... Something is really wrong.
I just found out that the love of my life, likes me too. My life is complete.   
"Stop worrying about your messy hair, your eye liner, and your curvy body. One day you'll find a guy that won't care about it" I just can't.
The meaning of life is whatever you want it to be and whatever you make it.
I worry about to many things in life. I know I have a good life, and family, but I'm so insucur about myself, that i can't do anything without worrying about what other people would think about it.