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heeeyyy! me and my BFF share this witty acount and we are the ultimate directioners! so if you love one direction than follow us! 

Quotes by henryjayda143

Me: She got them apple bottom jeans

Friend: boots with dah fur

Me: she got the whole club lookin at her

friend: she hit the floor

Me: ow is she ok?

♦Skyler is so sexy. I would date

her if i was lesbian...

What time is the world supposed to end tomorrow???? Help me out my Wittians!
♦I don't care what your gender is, I'm

calling you dude.♦



on page 84.

Am I the only one that puts peanut butter on there oreo's...?? Well okay just me then...

♦The world is gunna end tomorrow. I better
 stick a peanut up my nose now then... ^_^

I'M SO ANGRY I MADE A SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You kill your social life, just by joining Witty...
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