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heeeyyy! me and my BFF share this witty acount and we are the ultimate directioners! so if you love one direction than follow us! 

Quotes by henryjayda143

I want you to r-o-c-k me

again. want you to r-o-c-k

me again. r-o-c-k me

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You're hand fits

in my like

made just for

But bare this

in mind it was

meant to be. And

i'm joining up the

with the

freckles on your

cheeks. And it all

makes sence to me.
Spongebob: Patrick, let me


Patrick: Oh yeah. i'll just let you

down. Then everything will be


Spongebob: Yeaah

fav if you remember this! fav if

you amagined patrick's face!

When i'm home alone

every noise i hear is a

serial killer...

that awkward moment


you forget what the

awkward moment

Life is like a box of chocolates.

Sometimes you get the crapy


so i've gotten alot of crapy

Hand Sanitizer, Find All The Cuts You Never Knew You Had -_-
90% of people marry their 7th -

12th grade love.♥ Since you have

read this, you will be told good

news tonight. If you don't repost

this, your worst week starts now.

i got nothing to lose, why not. :)
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