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Single but I always have you beautiful girls and boys to be there
Soooo.... Hey. 
I'm Brianna and I guess I just realized my mission here might be to help people. Recently on my other account I saved somebody from killing themselves, it enlightened me. Although they are still considering it, they weere supposed to be dead last night. I am incredibly religious so when I'm talking to you I will bring it up a lot. Oh well. Yeah so you ca ask me about my... problems.... if you want to. Or you can comment your issues, you can talk about it. I will listen.
Lives I've saved or put of suicide: 2

This is my survey I'm collecting data for a report about bullying, please take it!

This is by Fake_a_smile, I

think it will help those in

ometimes, life gets hard.

But we need to remember how many great things that there are in life.
Me and my fellow wittians have worked together to make a list of just a few of them, to look at when times get hard.


1. Flowers in spring
2. Free food
3. Witty
4. Reading encouraging bible verses
5.making music
6. lattes
7. working hard to get what you want
8. knowing you've really helped someone
9. finding people you can really talk to
10. writing
11. singing
12. long walks
13. good books
14. sunsets
15. roses
16. the first time you hear a great song
17. hugs after being apart a long time
18. having a good workout
19. the smell after it rains
20. dancing and not caring who sees
21. candy
22. eating cookies fresh out of oven
23. baking
24. hot chocolate on a cold day
25. those 'had to be there' moments
26. ice cream when its hot
27. the little kids at lemonade stands
28. family and friends
29. birthday presents
30. opening things on christmas
31. smiling and meaning it
32. swinging on swingsets
33. art
34. painting
35. playgrounds, even when you're too old
36. playing in the rain
37. little puppies
38. doing something for YOU
39. dressing how you want
40. finding a new way to express yourself
41. winning a sports game
42. beating a friend at something
43. riding in car with windows down
44. blasting your favorite song
45. random hugs
46. embracing uniqueness
47. feeling worth it
48. Feeling good about your appearance
49. Knowing you've overcome something
50. Double, triple, quadruple rainbows
51. Sunshine peeking through a raincloud
52. Climbing trees
53. Drawing with chalk like a little kid
54. Going for hikes in the forest
55. Skiing/boarding down hills really fast
56. Knowing you made someones day
57. Making new friends
58. getting a perfect score on a quiz
59. finally finding that perfect outfit
60. getting out of school for the summer
61. music that describes you perfectly
62. Best Friends
63. Sisters&Brothers
64. Life Chats
65. Letters from friends
66. finding out the truth
67. movies
68. summer
69. days at the beach
70. looking back at good memories
71. looking through old pictures
72. knowing people care about you
73. spending time with loved ones
74. those friends who make you feel great
75. knowing you've stayed strong
76. finding faith
77. having hope in something
78. saving a life
79. lending people a hand
80. never giving up
81. dreaming
82. having no homework
83. succeeding at something
84. medaling at a big competition
85. chocolate
86. nighttime
87. the beach
88. when someone loves you
89. knowing one day, you'll be old enough to do what you've dreamed of.
90. Meeting someone very inspirational
91. Going to a band concert
92. Parties
93. Sleepovers
94. Meeting someone important
95. Being told that you're beautiful
96. Falling in love
97. Finding out that they 'like you' too
98. Finding out who you are
99. Finding something really, really fuzzy
100. Proving someone wrong

101. Realizing that there is just so much to live for ♥

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AlexandraWG617 9 years ago
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It's honestly okay, I just overreacted. I was mad because my... Boyfriend said something that me off.
AlexandraWG617 9 years ago
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By the way, yur pretty(:
AlexandraWG617 9 years ago
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Yeah. Okay. It's fine.
AlexandraWG617 9 years ago
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It's pretty damn fair to say. People pity others who have their life bad,but to keep your head up you just have to think that there's always someone doing worse than you, and your situation isnt going to get any worse. So you should appreciate whether your life is good, or a little bit bad, because there seriously is always someone doing worse than you.

I didn't really care for your comeback on my quote either, so keep your opinions to yourself because your comment didn't even apply to my quote at all. It's not like saying it. K?
Amazingness9797 9 years ago
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Maybe he's mad, the power could've gone out, he could've been told to get off of the computer, maybe his laptop died, maybe he needed to think, maybe he was upset, maybe something happened that he had to go… it's not your fault at all even if he did.
Justnotme519 9 years ago
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well you should beleive itt!
Amazingness9797 9 years ago
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Don't blame yourself… it's not your fault that you couldn't stop him. He could be fine, don't worry. There's a million things that could've happened that would make him stop talking to you
Justnotme519 9 years ago
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hi, wellll you just fav'd one one of my quotes, and i saw your aim thing? you are soooo not ugly! you're actually really pretty. :p
Dreaded_DearDiary 9 years ago
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I know but it's tough, especially when you're trying your best to get them to like you... If you can scroll down to that quote about my boss and read it and tell me what you think I should do!!! She keeps giving me dirty looks she's like old too in her 40's she's not suppose to behave like she's in highschool
Th£_Music_Fr£Ak❤* 9 years ago
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hey uh I saw ur quote n what's ur experiment u would like to try out?
live4anewlife 9 years ago
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thank you
nssassychick 9 years ago
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I know, lol, I was jut getting soo mad about them!
Needslove_thatsall 9 years ago
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If you need a vent or just want to talk I'm here♥
wellsphills 9 years ago
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who are you calling ugly, gorgeous?
you're one of the prettiest girls i've seen all week :) and ur smile is to-die-for :)
BTRismypeeps 9 years ago
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Question why Would u say that? Cuz ur not. U gotta realize you are very pretty in your own way and nobody can change that. Some people cant accept it but you need to accept that you are you and you are beautiful
polinaagoldberg* 9 years ago
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Being sparkly is a factor of amazing-ness? Really?
28emm 9 years ago
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heyy, can u please check out this persons site... it would mean alot :) RhiannonHughes7307
AnaCastro196 9 years ago
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umm... no... can you dumb-it-down
ShadowBlack 9 years ago
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Thank you for the nice comment on my quote. I'm here for you, if you ever need it! :)
Gamer_For_Life 9 years ago
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Your welcome :)
I don't think your beautiful I know you are!
It is those people who are mean, the ugly ones!! I understand that your mind wont change over night, but seeing these other comments blow, I would hope they would bring up your confidence and make you think other wise about yourself :)