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Cute Blinking Unicorn

Well... hi. 
My name's Mal.
No, it's just a nickname.
Like d!ck.
lol sorry, I'm socially awkward.

Straya (or Australia for you normal people)
is my playground
According to my records,
I'm 14
But my true, mental age is 5

Hayley Williams is my abosolute idol
She is
amazing and

Now to my true loves
2 words


'Bullshit is only bullshit if you believe it is'
                                        - Me

I follow back.

Quotes by hey_its_mal

Me when my crush is not around: sane.
Me when my is around: NOM NOM NOM NOM F.CKING NOM
                                         OMG DID YOU SEE THEM??!! THEY'RE SO CUTE!!
                                         I JUST WANNA FEEL THIS MOMENT, OOHHHH WOOOOAHHHH
                                         *dancing like a spastic*
                                         Wha- ?
                                         oh sh.t he's right there-

Started Tumblr,
leave your URL's for me to follow c:

Girl: OmG I'M SO HEaLTHY, I POST salaD pics on INSTA lyk eVERYdaY!!!! :OOOO
Me: I once ate an apple two months ago…
Grocery shops in Australia

IGA: Always cheap, doesn't need sales
Aldi: Sells food and winter skiing supplies
Woolworths: Collect stickers to help schools
Coles: Giving away One Direction tickets

We all know who wins
Sorry, I have a bad habit

Bailey: Pageants are about more than beauty. You can win scholarships. Plus, they judge you on talent, poise, personality--
Cody: Oh, I know. I've been in a beauty pageant before.
Bailey: You mean, like for men?
Cody: Ye-no. 
(Bailey gets a weirded out look on her face)
Cody: Don't judge me. When I met you, you were a dude.

Useless, lonely, unattractive
and proud

Australia: time for exams, b/ches
Are you on your period?
No, I'm genuinely mad at you peasant, don't go blaming my menstrual. 
You turn the lights off
                             Then you turn them back on