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Cute Blinking Unicorn

Well... hi. 
My name's Mal.
No, it's just a nickname.
Like d!ck.
lol sorry, I'm socially awkward.

Straya (or Australia for you normal people)
is my playground
According to my records,
I'm 14
But my true, mental age is 5

Hayley Williams is my abosolute idol
She is
amazing and

Now to my true loves
2 words


'Bullshit is only bullshit if you believe it is'
                                        - Me

I follow back.

Quotes by hey_its_mal

I just want a guy who'll have enough money. To buy me food. Every single day.
I wonder if llamas and unicorns are as obsessed with humans as we are with them.
When a girl says "I'm fine", it can be jumbled up into "no, I'm not fine b.tch"
It's pretty legit. 
P.E teacher: What's the excuse this time?
Me: I've internally scratched my... internal organs
Bi.ch: Why don't you put a band-aid on it then, huh?
Me: You can't put band-aids inside you, what am I supposed to do? Swallow them?

True story, bro.
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