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Cute Blinking Unicorn

Well... hi. 
My name's Mal.
No, it's just a nickname.
Like d!ck.
lol sorry, I'm socially awkward.

Straya (or Australia for you normal people)
is my playground
According to my records,
I'm 14
But my true, mental age is 5

Hayley Williams is my abosolute idol
She is
amazing and

Now to my true loves
2 words


'Bullshit is only bullshit if you believe it is'
                                        - Me

I follow back.

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If i had a friend named Becky
every time I talked to her I would start with, "Oh my god Becky..."


                                                                               white lips, pale face, choking on my toothpaste

Be a true heart
not a follower.


So I heard this weird convo in the hall today: 
Girl: suicide is never the answer
Girl's boyfriend: it is sometimes
Girl's boyfriend: for example, if someone asked
Girl's boyfriend: "What is it called when you kill yourself?"
Girl: *facepalm*

someone explain to me how parents can scream at you until you’re crying and then act like nothing happened 20 minutes later
This quote does not exist.

BravoSierra's format

You know you're a 90s kid
                       when JB stands for 'Jonas Brothers' and not 'Justin Bieber'.                 

Bailey: Pageants are about more than beauty. You can win scholarships. Plus, they judge you on talent, poise, personality--
Cody: Oh, I know. I've been in a beauty pageant before.
Bailey: You mean, like for men?
Cody: Ye-no. 
(Bailey gets a weirded out look on her face)
Cody: Don't judge me. When I met you, you were a dude.

At Monash University in Melbourne, the women's department had a bake
sale and cupcakes were $1 for men, $.80 for women, and $.70 for trans people to represent the wage gap and heaps of guys kicked off about it being sexist and that's how I finally understood how hypocritcal and ignorant men's rights activism is.

Don't try to make me stay,
or ask if I'm okay
I don't have the answer.