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i like to be the one you'll never forget.

                                i could eat rassberries  all day long.

4.19.10 && 9.7.10 are my favorite dates <3

                    i'm the short and wierd one.
                                                   i don't
live to please you.

                    if you have something against me,. tell me first before you go around to everyone else.

i love my life, and my friends. (:                i am not 14 to me. i am 5.

i draw monsters named nom noms. and they eat people.

                 if you want to give me shit, i'll pass.

heybabeeex3's Favorite Quotes

♥ You can count on me
like 1,2,3
and ill be there
and i know when i need it
  i can count on you
like 4,3,2
and you`ll be there
cause thats what friends
are supposed to do .. oh yeah</3

Anyone Else? ;
--> Get Annoyed When You Click 'Ever' in Top Quotes & it Brings You To The '24 Hours' Section
  like, WTF

Dear monster under my bed,
Please stop eating all of my hairties&clips... I needed those.   -.-  


My daughter goes to kindergarten,
and there is a boy there who is blind.

She didn't understand what this meant, so I explained.
The next day when I picked her up, I found her sitting across from the boy with her eyes closed, describing what trees looked like. The boy was grinning from ear to ear

Kids Give Me Hope



we talked about the old times

   /////////////////////and it made me smile, because you didn't forget « - - - - - - -

5 Most Annoying Words
After a Break Up...
Are You Mad At Me? 
no i'm perfectly happy you broke my heart.



& Who else hates when you're
" t a l k i n g   t  o   s o m e o n e "  t h r ou gh   t e x t i n g  && w  h e n     y o u   h a n g   o u t   i t s   s o  
a w k w a r d ?

This quote does not exist.

i picture myself cleaning my room

but it never

really happens. ♥

days feel like years