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Lets just be real
I’m never going to be the girl
you would say hi to first,
the girl you would think is pretty,
the girl you would want to date,
the girl you would want to know.
I’m just some other girl
just trying to make conversation with you
that you really don’t give a damn about.

i threw some kid in a well,

don't ask me i'll never tell.

i will regret this in hell

but he was in my way.


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           Because I'd rather look ugly on purpopse than ugly on accident.


Two Girls wearing the same shirt: 

She copied my style!

Two Guys wearing the same shirt:

Format: twilightgirl995                                                 lolsotrue.com

90% of ocean remains unexplored and
you're telling me mermaids don't exist? f/ck you.


Everyone chooses
someone over me

I’m not anyone’s first choice.
I’m not anyone’s favorite.
People may tell me I mean a lot to them
and that I’m special to them
but I know there’s someone they will always
choose over me.

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                                                   Why British people lose their accents when they sing.



just dancing

This quote does not exist.

Don' t play games,
with a girl who can play it b e t t e r  .