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hey my names blake
i'm 14
birthday's febuary 4
gonna be a freshman
when school starts...
so yeah

Quotes by heyitsblake

 Dear Shane,
i'm going to camp tomorrow :( so i won't be able to talk to you
so i just wanted to say happy birthday <3 and that i love you

love, blake

isn't a "learning disability"
is a super power :)

 Dear Dad,
   i hope you know i hate you
how could you do that to my mom, your wife?
im glad you won't be in this house for much longer.
i would hate to see your face again.
your son,

PS i hope mom gets full custody

 it's hard knowing your parents dont love eachother anymore :(
 hey guys if any of your parents went thru a divorce... will u give me advice
i have  a hard time... well dealing
I'm falling for this girl..
i've never even met
since when am i not aloud to be on witty?
 okay so im tired of girls caling me fake cause i saw some girls at my school going on this site a couple days ago so i checked it out... and besides i have a picture to PROOVE it sorry its just getting annoying 
 i hate how girls...
always fall for the bad guys
 okay so i need advice.. i really like this girl...
but shes going out with the player....
and we went out before but we broke up :(
and she flirts with me ALL the time
what do i do?