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Quotes by hfox9

you broke the un-breakable. I have nothing to say to you. Have living your life without me 'cause I know mine will be perfect cause your not in it.

I guess I'm just Tired

of being talked about behind my back.
Tired of being laughed at.
Tired of being made fun of.
Tired of feeling ugly.
Tired of being ignored.
Tired of feeling unloved
Tired of no one caring.
Tired of pretending to be happy.


I mean, really. The stupidity of some people. Lord, help me.


Can you all do one thing for me?
Be nice to the ones you hate. it kills them. 

 And with every blessing comes a curse.

 it just me or...

did we all love the colors on the sides of witty and want that done again?

*I hope steve will see this.  ♥ *

She's over you, 
look what you did. The girl who would do anything to be yours? You kept her waiting for too long. You were her everything. She thought you'd be different. But, you were just the same as any guy in her life. Tell me boy, how does it feel? To lose at your own game?

I find it funny how

just one


can cover up all the 



Turn your tries into cans and your cans into wills.

I really do hate my self for accpeting your apology.