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I'm a person with a dream, a soul and a purpose.
My story can not be put on paper, it can not be read aloud.
One day my story will end, but all great books have a sequel.
I do not care what you wear,
the color of your skin
or the places you've been;
I only care for the words that flutter from your extraordinary mind.

I will respect everyone and everything.
The man upstairs is my greatest inspiration.
Yours Truly,
The Great


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"Never forget your pride."
- -

The Lion King.

Baby, look up at the
right now.
See how it's like a pearl in the sky? It's a full moon. My heart's like the moon you see, it's bright and over flowing with light. While it may dissapear sometimes, that just means i'll always be there to love you, you just might not see it all the time.

Now look at the
The stars stand for every single smile i've had because of you. If you feel down, look at the sky and know, i've laughed a little more and smiled a little more just because of you.

When ever we don't see eachother and you miss me, look at the sky and know that i'm out there, somewhere, 
 Thinking about you.

Form Spring me. I will answer any question you can possibly throw at me.

With love,

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"Does  this  leather  jacket  go  with  my tutu? "


We walked to the edge of the bridge, over looking the entire festive streets filled with music & oppertunity. He looked out and had a deeply frusterated look on his face as he dropped my hand. I asked him quietly,

"What's on your mind..."
After a moment, he looked back into my eyes and said,

"This is what's on my mind."
& He kissed me.



On a scale of One to
Chris Brown,

How angry are you?



I don't pronounce Ke$ha, Kesha.
I say;