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Quotes by hiimhi

She's a snob 'cause she had uggs?
She's a w-h-o-r-e 'cuase she wears shorts?
She's a b-i-t-c-h 'cause she's a cheerleader?
She's a s-l-u-t 'cause she has guy friends?
Your judging is stupid, shut up.

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I'm 97% sure,
I's be the best girfriend ever.
But the world may never know.


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Girl like if you remember your first kiss : *
39 minutes ago
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Me  lol forever alone
17 minutes ago ago · Like
*temperature gets lower than 60 degrees*


You are such homess...,
but yoknow,
 minus the hot part.

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and suddenly, strange men offering children candy isn't creepy.

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Here's to the 90s kids-
for being the most proud of their decade for no reason.
October is breast cancer awareness month.
I'm not going to tell you to favorite this if you know someone who has had cancer. Faving a quote isn't going to honor their lives.
I want all of you who do know someone who has had breast cancer, or any type for that manner, we are like one big family.
We have gone through the same ordeal and we all know how it feels. I understand the pain you went through.
God bless you all, and your fallen loved ones.
RIP Grammy
People: *Makes fun of people for dressing like "s/uts"*
Me: Yes, because wearing shorts when it is hot it puts you at the top of the wh.re chart.mf/mq


My School: Buys several, very expensive, vsecurity cameras to put in school.
My School: Doesn't supply fans/air conditioners/fresh air when it is 7000 degrees

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