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First of all I am a girl. 
It's Hi im witty.
I get the confusion...
Need I say more? <333

For all my cupcakes i love you all so much!!!!!!

Short Serbian lesson:

I love you-Volim te
Su*k it-Pusi ga(Poo-shee gaaaa)
F/ck you-Jebi se(Ye-bee se)
Motherfu/ker-Picka ti materina(Pichkaaa tee ma-te-ry-na)
there you go haha

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bai :)
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Quotes by Swag Unicorn*

Hella cute,                                                                                                                                Hella fine,
Be my hella valentine


*playing tennis match*
Me*to friend who doesn't like Novak djokovic: *looks at picture on the can of bālls* Me: hey look we're playing with Djokovic's bälls!
Her: that sounds so wrong.

Sometimes I just want to die,
End the pain,
Tears and lies.

As I take my final breath,
Hear me cry,
For this is my last goodbye.



Friend:  Hey I brought back your sweater.
Me: But it was so sëxy.
Friend:I Then I guess you could say I'm bringing sëxy back.

News flash,
not everything is about having a boyfriend and you don't need a guy to be happy


brace yourselves,
school quotes are coming


f o r m a t  j i m m y 3 6 5 n m q!

Mary had a little lamb                                                                                                         Whose fleece was white as snow                                                                                              It went out to a club one night
And dropped it hella low                                                          


Me: Mom, look.
Mom: Very nice, sweetie.                                                                         Me: Oh, that's cool how you saw that without even looking.


I spend 800% of my life exaggerating

Hello fellow gamers.
What games do you play?