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First of all I am a girl. 
It's Hi im witty.
I get the confusion...
Need I say more? <333

For all my cupcakes i love you all so much!!!!!!

Short Serbian lesson:

I love you-Volim te
Su*k it-Pusi ga(Poo-shee gaaaa)
F/ck you-Jebi se(Ye-bee se)
Motherfu/ker-Picka ti materina(Pichkaaa tee ma-te-ry-na)
there you go haha

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bai :)
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Quotes by Swag Unicorn*

If they don't know you personally,
don't take it personally.

 *Making IKEA bedframe for 5 hours*
Me: Mama consider this as yoga, or pilates.
Mom: Ouch my hip hurts.
Me: I don't know that position.

"... the right wing conservatives think it's a decision, and you can be cured with some treatment and religion, man-made rewiring of some predisposition...", "... that holy water that you soak in has been poisoned, when everyone else is more comfortable remaining voiceless, rather than fighting for humans who have had their rights stolen, i might not be the same but thats not what's important, no freedom until we're equal, da.mn right i support it."

Just another meaningless rap song...


We're all just a bunch of broken people.

There are so many cool people
                                         on here and i just want to list them, because they make me laugh and i love them <3

Follow these extraordinary people <3
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If you write me a letter i'll love you and give you a rainbow pooping unicorn.

Hey guys remember when White Vans started following us xD

                                              *Getting ready for a party*
                                              Friend: Omg is my makeup okay?
                                              Me: Well you have some face on your foundation.


                                       Friend: Why is Bob short for Robert?
                                       Guys friend: How can you get Billy out of William?
                                       Friend: Well how do you get D/ck from Richard?
                                       Me: You ask him nicely.

Here's what you're

You're going to go to your biggest mirror. Take your clothes off. With a washable marker write all your flaws on your body. When you're taking a shower all of the words are going to disapear and go down the drain. Just like your insecurities. You're going to look in that mirror and say "I'm beautiful, and i deserve to be happy." And you're going to believe it. <3

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