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heyyy witty people(: So the name's bella, and if you're actually taking time to look at my profile then i love you:D my life is composed of bullshit. i cant even count how many times i've been let down or lied to or cheated on or whatever else you can think of, but witty&music helps alot(: i live for lacrosse&guitar&yes, im in the dorkestra(: although they treat me like shit, my fam means the world to me. i'm currently freshmeat in highschool, just you wait, one day we're gonna rule the world(: i have no time for fakes or haters. if you dont like my shit, go take it out on yourself instead of waisting my time. i've gone through hell &back but i know that in the end everything will be iight:)
So about me;;;;
my life revolves around music; its the most expressive beautiful thing in the world.
I play lacrosse. #23. every positionn.. yeah its a pretty cool sport(:
i like photography. idk why its just fun taking pictures that actually turn out gud(:
my friends are my life..guys are idiots...schools dramatic...family is everythin...i love guitar....cellos prettycool (yeahh im in the dorkestraa;;dnt be h8in)

B-dAy: June 13
GrAdE: 9th
ReLaTiOnShIp: TaKeN<3
SpOrTs:currently; lax.used to be soccer&Xc
MuSiC:EVERYTHING. i have songs from country-heavy metal on my ipod; just to sum it all up:)
MoRe:I dont ned stalkers:p

i love jesus<3

MoOd:i hate midterms. nuff said.


TWLOHA is a really great thing... i know so many people who's lives have been saved by this one organization.
they have reallllllly cool shirts yu can buy too; so buy themm ahaha
{{taken by the best<3}}
music is life<3<3<3
from country-heavy metal

right noww im obsessed with;
ohio is for lovers- hawthorne heights
Passive-Mile Marker Zero
You Are a drug-secondhand serenade
scars-papa roach
tiny dancer-elton john
shouldve said no-taylor swift
love the way you lie-eminem&rihanna
when im gone-eminem
Your love is my drug-ke$ha
lullaby-the spill canvas
life,scars,appologies-since october
miserable at best-mayday parade
the only exception-paramore
one year, six months- yellowcard
wakeup-(Hed) P.e.
uh yeah i have fanart but im going to add it whenever i get the chance to..haha:) so yeah

i do requests btw
music,friends,guitar,cello,lax,xc,abs on hot guys, pretty eyes,scene hair,zumiez,pacsun,hollister,osiris,texting,my phone,sleep,summer,hugs&kisses,my kitties,laughing&smiling,love,family

drama,cheaters(relationships not tests),loud noise when i wake up, spiders,dits,sluts,people that get everything they want

when you
are about
to give up,
why you
held on
for so
in the
first place
if you read everything above;;;your amazing
i do fanart. thats about it though;if you want a quote ill try mybest  but i dont guarentee it will be the best thing youve ever seen;; but im really good at fanart and picniking pictures and stuf flike that.

thanks to everlongs_layouts for all the layouts on my page. their absolutley amazing:)
heart broken
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Quotes by hilluv1208

this is my first time on witty since 8th grade
i'm going to be a junior in high school next year,
&i thought i should stop by and just make sure all of you know;
it is going to get better
the next few years of your life are going to be hard
but at the same time, you'll have the best memories
so just remember, you'll be able to get through it;
and never think differently.
i was just looking through my quotes and all of them were about ONE boy. i thought i loved him. guess what? i didn't. i wasited 2 years of my life waiting for him just to be let down.
i tried to die, i tried to live, i tried to just breathe, but nothing worked.
a few heartbreaks and break ups later, i started dating one of my best friends
our one year was a few weeks ago. 
&now, i can't imagine life without him
just remember; everything happens for a reason
stay strong beautiful.
"You can be anything you want to be" 

I said.
he replied;
"well since i'm your husband...."
"wait since when were you my husband?"

"didn't you say
 i can be anything i want to be?"



i just told him i loved him.

me: i love you

me:cause i know youll always be there for me even when we fight. and even when something happens like cheating it just makes me want to prove myself to you, even if it hurts. i love how your eyes shine when you turn your head. i love how you pretend like you dont have limits but you know when enough is enough.i love how i can be myself with you. i love how you make me feel important. i love how your imperfections are perfect to me.

.....is that really all you're gonna say-_-
 Love when you're ready
Not when you're
Love when you're ready
Not when you're
when somebody's
just really isn't


when somebody's
just really isn't



 There are going to be A LOT of quotes
tomorrow saying

he asked me out" 
love is worth fighting for 

but sometimes, you can't be the only one