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    I'm Becky, & I'm 15.

& that's really all you need to know. :)

I don't like talking about myself, so yeh.

If you want anything, just ask.

or if you just want to talk, feel free.

I'm a nice person, so I promise I won't bite. =)

online [ ] offline [x]

*I forget to change this like, almost everytime I'm on here....so it might not be right.

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:) lol


Quotes by hissyfit

No  matter  how  much  your  heart  is  aching
there ~ is ~ beauty ~ in ~ the ~ bxrxexaxkxixnxg.
I   am  barely  breathing
[                && I can't find the air            ]
I       don't      know    who     I'm  kidding
i m a  g i n i n g    y o u    c a r e
------&& I could stand here waiting-------
[(                A fool for another day                 )]
But   I   don't  suppose  it's  worth  the  price
The price that I would pay. ♥
............I loved you once, & (I love you still)
I always have, & always will
whatever tomorrow brings
......I'll be there....♥
I ' m  s o  t i r e d ,
~~~~>but  I can't sleep<~~~~
((_standing on the edge of something much too deep_))
funny how • I feel so much
-------but cannot say a word---------
we are screaming inside, oh,
b u t    w e    c a n ' t   b e   h e a r d.
a f r a i d  t o  l o v e  y o u ,
more afraid to lose.♥
If you love large,
you've got to hurt large.
If you've got a lot of light,
you've probably got an equal amount of darkness.
~~~>try  your  best to break me
((_you can't break a broken heart_))
no damage • you • can • do • now
-------i'm immune to you now---------
you  can't  bXrXeXaX what  broke  a p a r t
there's nothing you can do to me no more
        LiVE         LAUGH          LOVE
          your life to the fullest             at all the things that don't matter      with all that you have & more                                     
It's funny how you can
a l w a y s tell when a boy
someone else, but you
can n e v e r tell if he likes
The saddest kind of sad is.........
the sad that tries not to be sad.
You know, when sad tries to bite
its lip && not cry && smile && go,
........"No,Im happy for you"?..........
That’s when it’s really sad.