Status: No matter how carefully you choose your words, they will always be twisted by others.
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Quotes by hiyaxxx

instead of pepper spray, use shampoo, it's probably cheaper, but it will burn just as bad
Girls in my class: *eyes up boys through the window*
Me: *eyes up friend's uneaten pizza*
lol is the new full stop
me: *sees cute boy*
me: *makes strange nasal sound*
*when food falls on the floor*
normal people: 
eww five second rule
me: ooo-lookey here, pizza...you gonna eat that?
Today I went out in public with crocs on. I don't give an eff anymore.
Other people's thighs: Oh my gosh I'm so far away from my other half!
My thighs: *squish*
Teacher: So, Anna, do you like One Direction?
Me: Not really, their too 'boyband'.
Teacher: So what do you think would improve their image? What would you get them to wear if you were their stylist?
Me: A bag over their heads.
Class: *almost peeing themselves laughing*
The only directioner in the class: *gives me multiple death glares*

So, apparently, Taylor Swift is dating Ed Sheeran.
Oh Lord help us.
Ain't nobody got time for that.

Whenever I click the 'Top
Today' button on Witty. I
always imagine the potato
from asdf movies saying it.
Not today-Top Today?
Just me?