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Hii. The name's Hanna. I live near Pittsburgh. I used to live in Hershey, and i kinda left a part of me there.  You all get to sing to me on October 17! Im a freshhman at Peters. My best friends are those  girls.. I love them to deathh.  Ive liked Ben Mountain for like 2 years? yeahh, hes my neighbor. We've dated a bunchh. he just dumpedd me, oh well. Well, I play field hockey. Music is my life♥ im obsessed with Mac Miller and any other white rapper. Im addicted to Twitter, tumblr (only-memories-now) Pinterest (onlymemoriesnow) youtube (hkitkatgirl) && Facebook!! If you need advice on anything, just comment the profile!

You don't realise how precious a moment is until it becomes a memory, then you realise how much you miss it ♥
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T  H  E   .   I  N  N  O  C  E  N  C  E   .   C   A  N   .   N  E  V  E  R   .   L  A  S  T 
wake    [[ me ]]   up    when 

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--> Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day
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and whenever  *  w i t t y  *  is facebook.

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~      N O   .  M A T T E R  .  W H E R E  .  L I F E  .  T A K E S  .  M E     ~
[ P U R S U I T .  T O  .  B E  .  H A P P Y  ]
only [  l a u g h i n g  like a child
i . n e v e r . t h o u g h t . l i f e . w o u l d . b e . t h i s . s w e e t

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--> Best Day Ever by Mac Miller
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Blue Slide Park

Mac Miller's new album 


HCan' t  be

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--> For Daria (:

                                        [[ P L A Y E R ]] BUT I WANT 
                                                    HIM TO BE,


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--> about himm
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n o w   .   y  o u   .   c a n   .   d o   .   t h i s   .   o n   .   y o u r   .   o w n   .   //
 l i k e s . to. b e . a l o n e . s o . g e t . o n .t h e . f  l o o r . & . g r a b . s o m e b o d y 

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--> White Trash Party by Eminem
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>>>>>>   [ ][ ]   wegonnatake

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----> Donald Trump By Mac Miller
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  [       .    and  .   smile  .  for  .  all  .    them   .   haters           ] 

---->Senior Skip Day By Mac Miller
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