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why i love you? your my life

Quotes by hockeybabe3883

She got her daddys tongue & temper Sometimes her mouth could use a filter. God shook his head the day he built her. Oh but I bet he smiled

                 roses are red, violets are blue
                hes for me and not for you
                and if by chance you take my place,
                ill take my fist and smash you face

honestly... im starting to think that 11:11 just dosent work anymore...

  ive been wishing for you for almost 3 years, and youve never loved me the way you say, youve lied, cheated, hated, hurt, and done anything it takes to hurt me, and ive done nothing to ever hurt you, ive done everything youve asked or wanted. ive loved you more than anything, ive lied for you and id die  for you, and sience youve been so bad to  me i have to tell everyone that i dont want you, i hate lieing. i need you, and i know i cant ask for you.


The freshman girl, oh so shy sits to admire the sophomore guy

the sophomore guy head in a whirl sits to admire the junior girl

the junior girl, in her red sedan, sits and watches the senior man

the senior man, all hot and wild,

secretly loves the freshman child.

ooh yeahh witty on my phone yeahhhhhhhh love ittt

I wanna be Rupuzle...
I wanna be Snow White
I wanna be Cinnderella

That way, I can bealive in fairytales, and ill acctually bealive that someday he will be mine...