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Break up playlist

White Horse - Taylor Swift
Breathe - Taylor Swift
You're Not Sorry - Taylor Swift
The Story of Us - Taylor Swift
Tied Together With a Smile - Taylor Swift
Cold As You - Taylor Swift
Back to December - Taylor  Swift
A Little Bit  Stronger - Sara Evans
Dear John -  Taylor Swift
Haunted - Taylor Swift
All Good Things Come to an End - Nelly Furtado
Tell Me Why -  Taylor Swift
Last Kiss -  Taylor Swift
Picture to Burn - Taylor Swift
Wherever I Go - Hannah Montana
Breakeven - The Script
The Man Who Can't be Moved - The Script
Exit Wounds - The Script
For the First time - The Script
Nothing - The Script
Not Like the Movies - Katy Perry
Fix a Heart - Demi Lovato
 What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts
Halk of My Heart - John Mayer

 break up playlist
Fifteen- Taylor Swift
The End Where I Begin- The Script
Before the Worst- The Script
White Horse- Taylor Swift
Without You- Chris Brown
Last Kiss- Taylor Swift
Haunted- Taylor Swift
Breathe- Taylor Swift (ft. Colbie Caillat)
A Thousand Miles- Vanessa Carlton
Forever and Always- Taylor Swift
Dear John- Taylor Swift
Teardrops on my guitar- Taylor Swift
If This Was A Movie- Taylor Swift
Back To December- Taylor Swift
Better Than Revenge- Taylor Swift
Invisible- Taylor Swift
Cold As You- Taylor Swift
That's My Playlist for when I have a heartbreak<3 (note it's mostly Tswifft<33 lol)


What if oxygen makes our voice deeper,

and helium just makes it normal?


Favorite This Quote If:

You're depressed.

You lost someone who meant a lot to you.

You got your heart broken recently.

You're a victim of bullying.

You feel invisible.

You've had/have suicidal thoughts.

You hate yourself.

You think you're ugly.

You've been called names.

You've been stabbed in back.

You've been replaced by someone you thought cared about you.

You feel worthless sometimes.

You wish you could be someone else.

You think you're a waste of space.

Let me tell you something, gorgeous. If you favorited this quote, I want to tell you this You shouldn't
feel this way at all. I want you to look in the mirror. I want you to feel your heart beating. I want
you to think of all the people who love you. To them, you're perfect. To me, you're perfect.

Don't bring yourself down. You're .. beautiful.

Trust me.

Don't believe me? Comment me. I'll give a hundred reasons why you should love your life.
I will never let you feel like you're facing this alone.

first love will always be the hardest,
because no matter how much he did
you wrong, he'll always have a piece
of your heart. If he asked you back
out, you'd most likely always say yes.
You will forgive him and forget all of
the horrible things he did to you, if
he told you that he wanted you back.
Youwill always relate hiim to any of
the relationships in your future. And 
you will secretly always wish you had
just one more chance..



Because you know me right?
You know me so well. you know everything about me, my influences, what hurts me, what helps me,what haunts me, you know it all right? you know waht i've been through, going through & will go through? you know all my choices and the reasons i make those choices? listen, think what you wanna think. call me slutty, bitchy or wahtever you want to call me, but remember that you don't know half the story & i doubt when you're pointing the finger, your own slate is clean isn't?
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No guy is worth your tears
& the one who is won't make you cry ♥



with someone ,

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