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Any suggestions for good books with a bit of humor in it?
Another Place, Another time
Chapter 12 Part 2

"Why does it matter...", I said, examining the cushion closely. 'What the heck is this thing made of?' "'cuz it's your bethrothal silly!"
To Be Continued....

Just wanted to keep you guys in suspense ;]
Just to let you know i've had and still have a lot of hw so I won't be uploading for a while and i kinda got a writer's block. Any suggestions?
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Another Place,Another Time
Chapter 12 Part 1
"...Stephanie.", she extended her hand for me to shake. I did so. I noticed how rather soft her hands were. Not to be creepy or anything. It's just that,well, mind are quite rough. A flashback for some other time. 'She must be Catherine.'
"You'll get used to it.",she said with a gentle smile. Where I came from, shaking hands was rather formal.
"Come on let's go! We have work to be done!", suddenly her demeanor became open and quite friendly.
At first we down the opposite corridor in which the lady had went, then again there were many of those.
"So...", she began. "Yea.", I replied. She sped up a bit. 'Does my way of speaking, scare her?I'm not creepy like that thing,right?' I questioned myself.
Unexpectantly, she ran. I chased after, feeling more relaxed. The tenseness before had now eased away. And then returned when I realized how many fragile decorations scattered the corridor.  I did my best to stay within the center of the aisle.
Then Catherine stopped in front of a simple wood door. She swiftly opened it and yanked me in with her.
I tripped over something and fell. "Ofph!" Luckily I landed on a really soft cushion.
I got up and, "Whoa.."
I held the cushionI fell on. It was so pretty! The whole thing was beautifully embroidered. 'That's so cool.'
"I know right, by the way what do you think of pink?",I heard Catherine say. I scanned the room to find where she was. I caught sight of a canopy bed, a full body mirror, a cute little dresser, and some other things I don't really know the names of.
There she was. I saw her head pop out of a closet. "So?"
"Yea, it's okay. I guess..", I answered, cautious of  the reason behind this question. "How 'bout frills? bows? lace? silk? Hmmmm....white? What else...."

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Soo... what do you think? I'm still trying to work out all the little kinks. But I'm getting there.
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Another Place Another Time
Chapter 11 Part 2
....into his chest. And this happened...
Me: head forward into thing's chest
Thing: forced to move forward and basically kiss the top of my head,due to my 'headbutt' of some sort
So yeah...
I had this weird sensation when it happened. As if I was floating... HOLD IT. I felt him smirk and warmth rised to my face. Well, he doesn't need to know that. I automatically stood me straight and stepped back a few feet to make a good distance between us. I whipped around to see if the lady saw our previous circumstance. Good. She was already halfway down the hall. I turned back around to face the thing, when I swore I heard her giggle or whatever fancy ladies do.
"Take her to Catherine.", we jumped at her stern voice. Once again I turned the other way to see if she was watching. Nope. And the next thing I know, the thing  was gone too.
'Just great. Now what?' I looked around the room. I surrounded by furniture I knew my mother would fall in love with. There was a beautiful crystal chandeliar in the middle of the ceiling. A carpet that my cat would surely get his fur all over. Chairs that my father would take one look at and walk away in search of his comfy sofa.
'Oh gosh!' The walls were adorned with pictures of scary looking guys, all wearing the same creepy expression. I turned the other way to be greeted by a face.
"You must be..."

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Another Place, Another Time
Chapter 11 Part 1
I hadn't noticed that i had my eyes shut until I heard that voice. Arrogant and with an annoyingly attractive face. Patrick. What the heck am I suppose to do now?!
I looked around. I had a pretty good view since patrick was carrying me, AGAIN like a sack of potatoes.
Now every one was paying attention. Of course not when i was being kidnapped. Sigh, its always me.
The once cute guy was now on the ground curled up in pain. As if he knew I was watchikng him at that moment, he turned around and glared at me, mouthing 'I'll get you for that."
"Come o, lets go sweetheart. Its time.", that same player voice. He carried me out the door. He sat down on the ground the moment i felt the cold breeze on my face. "If you freeze, its your own fault." He began walking in the opposite direction in which we cam efrom. I didn't know where we were going but he saved my life and well, yea, he's my best option.
Into the nioght we went. The sun was just coming up when we finally went into this building. Not just any building, it was a huge mansion. Not to mention simply beautiful.
"Stop gawking and come in.", he reprimended me (am I using this word correctly?) as I stood there in the pouring rain. 'When did it start rainng?!" I hurried inside carful not to slip. But guess what, I did.
I landed flat on my back, Patrick, my mistake, the thing just stared at me. Then suddenly bursted out into luaghter. I glared evilly at my cruel captor.
"Patrick! Is this how you treat a lady? Help her this instant." I turned around to see a upperclass lady. Though she was wearing what I assumed was her pjs, I could tell from the way she held herself. She even yelled at that thing without making looking like a crazy woman.
I felt my face flushed with embarrassment. Apparently the thing didn't notice and stoood there like a little boy who just got scolded at. He sheepishly held out his hand to me. I smirkedd, thinking 'that's what you get.'
I stood up, but this time I slipped forward falling face first....

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Feeedback? I feel like everyone is in hiding!
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Another Place, Another Time
Chapter 10 Part 2
I turned my attention to the drunk men. "You know, I heard there's a price for a gentlemen about this high (raises his hand to about the height of Patrick) with pitch blakc eyes...", he said.
A flashback of that time I swore his eyes were black appeared in my head. 'Don't tell me...' "I heard he stole a young maiden.", the other man chimed in. 'It's him.'
I felt a hand on my hand. "Is it true? Are you this young maiden?", the handsome man asked, his voice quivering ever so slightly with that same look of fear for me in his eyes. I sat there frozen, I didn't know what to do. "Come with me. Quickly.  We must escape safely before this horrid man finds you." Once again he began to ushered me, but this time through the back door. 'What happened to his voice? He sounded more modern.' I grabbed  onto the countertop, not wanting to go. 'This is too much for one night. The man turned around. His expression changed quickly; he roughly grabbed me by my arm, pulling me to him. "Hurry the f**k up. Don't even try to escape." Fear took over me. I tried to scream; he slapped me across the face, and tighten his grip on me. "Shut the f**k up!" He said sternly. I scanned the room in fear for help. No one looked our way, ignoring my predicament. 'How could they ignore me?! No women should be slapped, not even in a stupid bar! It's not like 100 years ago!!!' Emotions came over me like a waterfall, I couldn't decide whether I was more angered or scared by my situation.
The man began to dragged me out the door; I could not move my legs. I hoped for a miracle to happen.
Just then i heard grunts and the sound of someone falling to the ground. "Don't you know how to listen. Understand that you're currently mine. So get with the program.

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Another Place, Another Time
Chapter 10 Part 1
There were little lights remaining, maybe 1 or 2 every 5 blocks. My adrenaline was hig from the fear of being caught and the strange excitement of the escape. I stopped when I was almost out of breath.I felt a hand on my shoulder. I was prepared to scream. 
"Madam, it's not safe here. Come inside.", a man with a beautiful voice said, with fear for me in his voice. i turned face him. His green eyes, mesmorizing. I swear I saw his ears twitch. "Miss?", those eyes...
He ushered me into the nearby building. I let myself be directed.
As soon as I came in I saw, men all over drinking. I sure know that this is bad, very bad. I tried to turn around to leave, but he continued to usher me further into the room. 
'What do I do?' "Sit, sit.", his accent was strong, but so sexy. ;]
I sat down on one of those weird looking stools. "Verser cette dame d'un verre.", he said to the man.
(Translation: Pour this lady a drink.) The bartender nodded and got a glass for me. He set it down before me.
"Is this alcohol?", I questioned no one in particular. The guy with green eyes replied, a little too quickly, "No, no, no! It's uh..juice." I noticed that he was fiddling with the ends of his sleeves. 'How did I get myself into this mess?' I nodded, waiting for him to turn away. When he did, I poured some of it onto the floor behind the counter since the bartender has left to attend some very drunk men in the table nearby. 

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Another Place, Another Time
Chapter 9 Part 2
 "....girl." My world just stopped. My mind went blank. I didn't know what to do. He was going to take me to someone and the way it sounded, I'm not going to be treated like a princess. I had to get away, now.
A miracle happened. The 'thing' turned his back to me. I scrambled out of bed, but careful not to make too much of a dent in the bed.
Success. I stood there barefoot facing the bathroom. I jammed my feet back into my shoes. 'Crap, I need to pee.' Just go or you'll miss your chance. I waited for my eyes to adjust to the lighting before moving. I didn't want to trip on anything. Quickly, I tiptoed to the door and unlocked it. As soon as the cool air hit me, I ran. I didn't know where I was going but I needed to get away.

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I 'm ending this story at 20 chapters; it'll probably be done by the end of this year.
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Another Place, Another Time
Chapter 9 Part 1
I lay there stiffly. It seems as if hours have past, and he still hasn't moved. I tried to lift his arm gently. Instead of what I hoped, he pulled me closer to him.
'This isn't going to be happening.' I turned to my side to face him. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. His hair's slighlty overgrown. His facial features were so relaxed. As if he had no worries, which I knew wasn't true.
I grew uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. I was scrunching myself against the fartherest part of his arm to avoid getting to close to him and I can't sleep with my shoes on.
Yeah, I know it seems a little stupid but it annoyed me, a lot. I managed to pulled them off using only my feet. 'Awesome.'
"...don't...", he murmured. I averted my attention to him. ' I might find out what this is all about.'
He grew silent. Simply laying there made me grow tired. I tried to stay awake, not wanting to find out what would happen if I didn't.
"..there's no time..... I will bring...girl..", he murmured as if he was pleding with someone.
Patrick's POV

I braced myself for what awaited me. 'Deep breath, deep breath..' I entered the room. They did not acknowledge me, continuing with what they were doing. I waited.
He turned and faced me, looking right through me. I realized my mistake, I tentatively knocked on the door.
Both slowly turned to face me. "What is it that you want?", she demanded, the passive anger in her voice, but with sadness in her eyes. He simply glanced at me as if I was not worth his time.
"I'ce come to ask for your help. Annabel is in trouble. And so is my mother." I said evenly, careful not to reveal too much.
He seemed slightly shaken but held his posture. She, on the otherhand, immediately soften and replied, "What has happened?"
'What should I tell them?'
"They've been kidnapped."
She released a small gasp. "By who?"
"The captain.", said hoping that they would move on to more important matters.
"Get out.", he stared at me coldly finally showing his pure disappointment.
"They did not bring this about on their own!", I raised my voice a bit, to get my point across.
"Get ou, I said."
"What is it that you want from me?! Will you not help your own family?! Does it truly bring you down from your throne of pride!?", I yelled, spatting out the last part.
"Bring with her to us."
"There's no time. I will try. I will bring the girl." I pleded then admitted to defeat.
'Grandparents with no love in their hearts.'

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