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Ellie Hollingsworth is the name...
and this is my witty, which i am on every day! so yeah about me, im 13 years young and i blow out the candles on 4th november. i live in scotland with my wonderful mom. i make a fuss out of anything, and think everything is the end of the world. i love gossip, but hate all the drama that comes with it. i can be the biggest bitch, but only if you make me. my friends mean everything to me, and ill stick by them to the very end. you wont ever see me without my ipod, im practically married to the thing. im the type of girl that just wants everyone to be happy, even if it means sacrificing my own happiness. i fall for people very easily, but keep the feelings to myself. i've been hurt before, and i'm very protective of myself. i try to find the bright side of a situation, but often think the worst. i HATE my body, and im not confident at all. i feel unwanted, and unneeded alot of the time, so im usually off in my own wee world. drop me a comment anytime, and i hope you like my quotes. oh and, make me a good cup of tea, and ill love you forever♥

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and I love Ellie with all of my freaking heart.. she is the most gorgeous girl on the face of this planet.. hehe.. so i met this fucking amazing girl almost like 6 months ago.. im not sure lol sorry ;] so yah if any of you mess with my best friend.. you will be so pissed at yourself for EVER.. EVER saying that hehe ;]so listen and please follow my directions, go to all of Ellie's quotes and for ever single one of her quotes.. click the add to faves link and that will make her whole day the best.. i will someday meet this AMAZING the death girl and we will have double wedding and yeah haha.. i love you ellie.. i can go to you for anything and i don't get judged.. that what you are here.. you are not a besty.. you are my witty sister and you're the best witty sister anyone on this site can ever have.. ince it is thanksgiving i am giving thanks to you and me meeting eacother.. ;] and if we both lived near eachother .. WE WOULD RULE THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD AND PEOPLE WOULD WISH THAT THEY WERE US.. NO JOKE!!!!!! ;] Ellie's quotes are amazing and great but not as amazing and great as her ♥  and yes ELLIE you better come for a fucking visit.. or else.. and don't you dare ask why.. lol so yeah
I FUCKING LOVE YOU ELLIE... comment/ fave/ follow ellie.. ;]
~ Love always, Paige (FunZy0x4) ♥

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Ok, ITS CHLOÉ!! hey baby, i am so gonna soo overwrrite paige, cos im the biggest bitch evaa alive! im so lucky to khen yaa, its been like nearly 4 years in august!!!! WOO. i love spending all my weekends with such a beauty! and im the beast! i love how i always take the piss out of you and you always still like me! hehehe i love how we are twitter buds and how you where blonde! hahahha! but yeah, you is so 4M4Z1NG bbyyyy! you are obsessed with alex its weird. but hey;)! you always are 'ill' and i swear i am in love with your mum and dad and adrian and talulah! i love how you dont care how weird i am or how i am scary when im angry! you should be thankful that i talked to you back in 1st year and i am very thankful that you liked me, borwn hair, curtains:E:E! anywayyyy how do put up with my swearing singing? its crazzyyy! ANYWAY IM OFF! I LOVEEEEE YOU SO MUCCHHHH BABYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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forgeterr's signature format. Please don't remove credit. Or I will hunt you down. You do NOT want to get on my bad side.

*peoplwhisper infront oyou*



What's wrong? 
nothing... I  just  hate  you.


you are lovely my dear ♥

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She falls into the bathroom,
rching for the razor, 

she wants to paint a picture
of what her heart looks like

was I too quick to assume that you meant forever?




we all die,
the goal isn't to live forever,

it's to create something that will.

n   o    t      m   y      f  o r   m  a   t  : )                        


as the tears start to fall.
She can't take it anymore,

s h e   p un c h es   p i l l o w s ,  
[ screams at walls ex-pec-ting]
to see her world,
c r y   o ut   a s   i t   f a l l s . 
but it stayed strong, tough as a brick
 how could her heart 
not stay so thick