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hi my name is julieann,im sixteen years young,im single and ready to mingle..my boyfriend broke up with me for another girl and i havent gotten over him yet..i wasted four and half months on the guy who justed used me and hopefully ill find Mr.Right soon..hopefully! i get my driving license in september then im going for my motorcyle license and i cant wait.i already have a car which is my brothers ford ranger which is lifted and its AMAZAYNN!!

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Quotes by hollisterhoney24

My baby he dont talk sweet
He aint got much to say
But he loves me loves me loves me
I know that he loves me anyway

And maybe he dont dress fine
But I dont really mind
Cause everytime he pulls me near
I just wanna cheer

Lets hear it for the boy
oh lets give the boy a hand
lets hear it for my baby
you know you gotta understand

_lets hear it for the boys
i act like i dont care
but deep inside
i swear it hurts.
country girls
play like a boy
love like an angel
and know their way around a carburetor
strangers think im quiet.
friends think im loud.
best friends know that im insane.
she was the one with the razor to her the wrist
i feel like once my ex gets dumped he will try and come back to me just because i loved and cared for him more then anyone else would..i had to put up with his sh/t when we went to prom,i thought you were the one but maybe i shouldn't think like that anymore..i will from now on take it day to day..you lossed the best thing that could ever happen to you..hopefully youll see how happy i am with out you. sorry about this rant but i just needed to get everything off my mind.i love my witty family so much :) <3
7 billion people
in the world....
BUT!!!my heart choose you <3

boys are nicer
when they aren't with
their friends

i want a realtionship
where we talk like best friends,
play like kids,
argue like husband and wife,
protect eachother like siblings
a real friend
is one who walks in when the rest of the worl walks out,