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Holly Taylor <3
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Blow out the candles on August 17th!
I'm bilingual: I speak fluent English and Sarcasm.
I love laughing; too bad that it ruins every lie that I try and tell.
Taylor Swift is my idol, inspiration, and basically
part of what I live for. Love you Taylor <3
I play tennis whenever I get the chance, and I love it

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So, Taylor Swift is the reason that I'm not some miserable, sick in the head, lonely girl that does nothing. If I could meet her, it would make my life.

Please click?

Hey everyone.

I don't know if there are rules on here against doing this or not, but I just wanted to ask all of you:

Taylor Swift is the reason I am doing so well today. Her music has helped keep my spirit and I alive, and it would mean the world to me if I got to meet her. All it takes is a click on the link below. It would mean everything. Please, please, please. It only takes 2 seconds.

May 16th, 2011.

The day you told me that you loved me and not her.

It's funny bevause for every May 16th after that, I haven't talked to you.
"Sorry I guess I'm just a confusing guy"

Remember when you said that to me?

Probably not, since I don't matter aymore.
So you play the drums.

And the guitar.

And tennis.

And 12 other string instruments.

Why does that make

smart girls

turn stupid,

and a

jerk of a guy

Every time I don't,

Taylor Alison Swift.
Born December 13th, 1989
at 8:56 pm.
in Reading, Pennsylvania,
to Scott and Andrea Swift,
who's maiden name is Finlay.

Yeah, obviously you're a bigger Swiftie than me.

Nice try!
There's a river in my town.
With these beautiful waterfalls.

Sometimes, I go down to them alone and sit there.

I listen to the water run,
the birds chirp,
the trees move,
the wind sigh.

I wonder what it was like there 100 years ago.

Maybe there was a girl,
who just got so sick of life,
that she had to come to the river to find her
I'm Wonderstruck, blushing all the way home
I don't know how you do what you do,

But everytime I see your hair,

Your eyes,

Your smile,

I want to go back to the past.