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hockey, country music, boston bruins
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I attend a boarding school in good old new hampshire 


Quotes by holmesmi

Forget the ones that forgot about you.


It's like you have to be strong for
everyone else,
but they forgot to ask if
you're okay.


You're  gonna  lose  people  in  your  life
and  realize  that  no  matter  how  much  time
you  spent  with  them
or  how  much  you  appreciate  them
and  told  them  so,
it  will  never  seem  like  it  was  enough.


When you feel like quitting,
think about why you started.


That's the problem with getting
attached to someone,
when they leave,  you just feel lost.


I'm not   c  r  a  z  y,
my reality is just different than yours.


I feel like I'm waiting for something
that will never happen.


Spongebob: Patrick you're a genious!
Patrick: Yeah I get called that a lot
Spongebob: What, a genious? 

Patrick: No, Patrick


No I don't have anything to hide,

I just don't like people going

through my phone  
 //  ♥

Are you athletic?
pshh yeah, i surf... the internet