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 & lets sway to the rhythm of.

            don't know what for, you're turning heads when
you walk through the door.


i dont really use this witty anymore,
so if you want to know more about me
go to happyfry66 :D


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hey yo, I never go on this
witty anymore.. if you wanna talk to me follow 
happyfry66 :D

& I said Romeo take me
somewhere we can be alone i'll be waiting, all theres left to do it run,

you'll be the prince & i'll be the princess,
its a love story baby, just say yes

Crazy girl, don't you know that I love you?
I wouldn't dream of going nowhere,

  Silly women come here and let me hold you,
have I told you lately I love you like
crazy girl.


& when will I ever be good enough ?

If you're gonna be somebodys heartbreak

If you're gonna be somebodys mistake,
if you're gonna be somebodys first time,
somebodys last time,  
baby, be mine. ♥



[ ] Single

[ ] In a Relationship

[x] Forever alone.  </3


So let it rain let it pour,
cause he don't love me anymore ♥


I'll love you to the moon 
and back

I'll love you all the time
Deeper then the ocean
& higher then the pines. ♥



I don't mind spending 


out on your corner in the

pouring rain

look for the girl with the

broken smile, ask her

if she wants to stay a while, 

and she will be loved ♥


Cause sometimes that mountain you've

    been climbing is just a grain of sand ♥