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Hello love! I'm Sheyanna.c: I love Starbucks. I'm an awkward 16 year old living in Alabama. I'm short,loud, & annoying. I have brown hair & blue eyes. I have a story, don't judge me until you hear it. I couldn't live without my hair straightener. I love the beach & live for summer days. If I could, I'd live off of monsters, pasta, rootbeer & candy. Yummy, right? (: Music keeps me going through life. Bring Me The Horizon. Linkin Park. Pierce The Veil. Memphis May Fire. Sleeping With Sirens. Motionless In White. Mayday Parade. Nirvana. Eminem. Taylor Swift. Paradise Fears. Of Mice & Men. Panic! At The Disco. The Nearly Deads. Picture Me Broken. Maroon 5. Marinas Trench. and many many more. Lance thinks I'm priceless. Beautiful. Amazing. Sensitive. Worth it. Loveable. Gorgeous. Pretty. Amazing smile.
I've had my past but i have amazing friends that helps me overcome that :) ~ lance. mason. kitty. joshua. taylor.
Hi Shey :3
It's Masonnnn, I just came here to tell you that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. You mean so much to me, never forget that, okay? I couldn't live without you. Remeber that, no matter how much you forget. There are people who care about you and don't want to see anything happen to you, okay? I love you. Okay. SoOoOoOo. You're really pretty. Like wow. I'd date you if I went to your school ;-))))) You're always here for me and I'm always here for you. And we only met like what a few weeks ago pshh. You're just awesome that way ~(^o^~) ~(^o^)~ (~^o^)~ woohoooooo!!!!!! partayyy \(^0^)/\(^0^)/ Okay so I lovelovelove youu, never ever ever ever EVER forget that or I will come over and kick youu. JUST KIDDING. But seriously. Don't forget. We gotta partay. Holllaaaa ;D we're so cool aw yesss. Anyways you mean a lot to me and I don't know what I'd do without you. STAY WITH ME FOREVER SHEY <3333 No matter what you say or what you think, you're perfect. :***** I'll never forget you, no matter how hard you try to get rid of me. (; I love you babeee :) <3 Love, Mason <3 xx

okay there is no way im going to be able to top that comment up there ^^^ butttt. i will try ;) okay shey. your amazing, you have no idea. everyday i come on here and see your alive and even that makes me so happy :) your so beautiful. you have no idea. you have a great personality. i know alot has happened in your life but you didnt let that bring you down to the bottom. your just flat out amazing and i love you :) ps itssss lanceee:) i fixed your profile a little because alot of those things werent true!

Hi beautiful, you are being hacked by Joshua :D Okay so Shey you are honestly such a beautiful person, you don't even know. I know you will never believe me when I say that but you are so beautiful Shey, you really are :'3 I know you have alot going on and you make me feel happy because you are one of the strongest person I have ever met, it's amazing You're so kind, and nice you don't even know, I love talking to you so much You're such a good friend, and you're beautiful, ad cute, and pretty You have so much swag, omg :o You're so cool, and I love talking to you :D Okay, bye love you<3 -guyscanbebrokentoo<3

So sheyanna! This is me, my name is DALTONNNNN!!!! (kitty) I'm hacking you! DUDDDDDEEEEEEE! okay don't hate me i'm soooo highhh on cold medssssss! And it wasn't my fault this time It was like normal!!!!! AHHHH never take medicine i feel so gross! If i die tell the company that they suck assssss okay?? Okay. You are an amazing friend! I don't know where i would be without you! And knowing that like i'm the reason you haven't cut makes me sooooo happy! I really do not know what to say.... UH THANKS FOR SAVING MY PROFILE! hmmmm BOB. Oh yeahhhh just made you feel awkwarddd! SO WHATS UP IM A CARROT! This chick right here, this girl, THIS FEMALE... she can make you so happy! FOLLOW HER MAKE ME HAPPY! OKAY... bye :o

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worst night ever...need someone badly...

Dear Dalton,
I know you're going through a tough time right now, so I just wanted to write you this. :) You're amazing, you're sweet, and you're the BESTEST friend I could ever ask for. Sometimes life will get you really down, but I want you to know I'm ALWAYS here for you. You make me happier than anyone else ever could, like honestly. You understand what I'm going through and help me through it. You've helped me through recovery. You've also helped me in countless other ways, and I could never thank you enough for that. One day, I'm gonna meet you and I'm gonna give you a hug for all the times that I couldn't be there when you were upset and I'm gonna be able to tell you how much you mean to me in person. You're so sweet, like legit. I've never met someone as sweet as you are. You've been my friend for almost a year and its been the best year ever, like omfg. Thank you for scything, and remember that I'm always he for you.
- Sheyanna :3

I love my best friend. <3 

he's amazing :3 

It's always darkest just before the dawn. So stay awake with me, let's prove them wrong. Make it stop. Let this end, Eighteen years pushed to the ledge. It's come to this, A weightless step. On the way down singing, Woah, woah.

I want to run away with my best friend, and never come back. 

Who is this person in the mirror I see?

Dear me,
You know what? I hate you. I hate you more than everyone else does. More than all of them. I wouldn't care if you died. You know what? I'd be the happiest person about it. The only reason for you to be alive is to look after the important ones, the ones who need looking after. The people who actually matter, but you can't even do that properly, can you? You deserve every single scar you've given yourself. You deserve all of the f//cking hate you've been sent. You deserve all of this pain. I hate you. You're fat, ugly, worthless, and pathetic. Attention seeking and depressing. Stupid and disgusting. You're such a b//tch. You're whats wrong with the world. I hope your death is painful. I hope you rot in hell. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.
from, me.

Dreams don’t come easy these days, and the colors, they fade into greys..

I wonder if anyone is ever worried about me, if anyone is ever scared I'll never wake up again. I wonder if someone ever thinks of me, if my day is going okay or if I've smiled any. I wonder if anyone hopes I'm okay, if anyone ever thinks I'm wonderful. But, I doubt they do because, well, look at me, I'm nothing special.

We're young and in love, heart attacks waiting to happen. So come a little closer, tell me it's all in our heads. We're young and in love, heart attacks waiting to happen. So come a little closer, tell me those three little words.

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