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Something to Believe In

part 14:

 Following the vague signs of a hotel explaining where the rooms were, we ended up at room 1607, and you could hear that everyone was in there, because there was a sudden burst of laughter.  I knocked on the door, and I heard someone scream. Jordan and I both laughed, as Harry’s head peeked through the door,
“We’ve been expecting you,” he said in a high, screetchy voice.
“Hi Harry!” Jordan said, and he opened the door.
“It’s our favorite American Girls!” he said, and gave us both hugs.  We walked into the enormous suite, and in the living space, there was two couches, and a flat screen TV on the wall.  Louis and Eleanor were sitting on the one couch, as Liam was sitting next to Niall.  Danielle was sitting in a chair from the kitchen area, but I couldn’t find Zayn.  One bedroom door was open, but the other was shut.
“Hey guys!” everyone shouted.
“Jordan!” Niall jumped up, and went to give her a hug.  He was of course wearing the St. Patrick’s day version of the Phillies Jersey, which was green, with khaki’s and white Nike shoes.  Liam was wearing a blue Phillies shirt with khakis as well, and matching blue shoes.  Louis and Eleanor were both wearing red shirts, but Louis’s was like mine, and Eleanor was wearing a red zip up, the kind someone would find at Victoria’s secret, but I never particularly liked my sports clothes to be bedazzled.  Danielle was wearing a white pinstriped jersey (like the actual jersey) half buttoned up, with a red tank top and skinny jeans and flip flops.
“You guys really took our advice.” I laughed, and the all chuckled.
“We wanted to blend in as much as possible.” Harry said, in a blue t-shirt, like Liam. 
“It’s great, people will think you’re natives.” I joked,
“Until we open our mouths.” Liam said, and we laughed.
“True.  You gotta talk like a true South Philly person.” Jordan said, and then Niall added.
“Oh, so you know how the fresh Prince was from west Philadelphia?”
“Yea…”  Jordan said,
“Don’t tell me..” I said, and they all laughed and nodded their heads.
“We drove through it today.”
“And you’re still intact.” I laughed.
“Scariest thing of my life!” Danielle shouted, and Eleanor nodded her head in agreement.  Although we were already past this, I couldn’t help but feel inferior when we were with them.  They just seemed to be so much more confident with themselves.  It was just unsettling, I decided, and asked.
“Where’s Zayn?”
“Right here!” he said, on perfect cue, walking out of the closed door.
“What were you doing so long big boy?” Louis asked.
“You took my shower first, so I had to wait.” He laughed, and Louis nodded his head.
“Sorry mate, the spider in my shower and I were not agreeing.”
“Yea yea,” he said, and he walked over and hugged me.
“Hi babe, how are you?”
“I’m good how are you?” I said, and noticed his outfit.  He had a red Phillies t-shirt on with jeans and white and red Nikes.  He looked like he’d been pulling off the look all his life.
“Great!” he said, and looked around.
“What are we doing?”
“Waiting for you.” Harry laughed, and said. “Time for dinner?!”
“If everyone’s ready!” I said, and everyone got up to walk out.
“Where should I put this?” I asked Zayn, and he took it, and turned around and put it in the room he just came from.
“It’s my room don’t worry.  No one will touch it.” He assured me, and we all stood in front of the elevators, waiting to be taken down to the first floor.


Something to Believe In

part 13:

 I took a shower, and put my Herbal Essences mousse in my hair, and my other little trick, sprayed some salt water in it.  Apparently that brought out the natural curl, but it usually worked with my hair.  I blow dried it for a little, then let it air dry as I picked out my outfit.  I grabbed my off-white Phillies shirt with number 27, Polanco on the back of it.  I put on my favorite pair of skinny jeans, and my dark brown Rainbows.  Thank God my toenails were presentable, with a baby blue that matched my fingernails.  I adjusted my part, and put stray pieces of hair on their appropriate sides of the part, and put on my makeup.  I didn’t want to look too done up just for a Phillies game, so I put on mascara, curled my lashes, and just lined my eyes with my brown pencil.  I put on some tan shadow, to make it look as opaque as possible, with some light sparkle in the corner of my eyes taking the white eye shadow’s place.  I put in my small fake diamond studs, one with a chained cuff that went to my cartilage.  The only way I could dress up a Phillies jersey, I thought.  I grabbed my North face, that wasn’t a typical heavy one, it was light and sporty, and light blue with darker blue sides.  I told my mom I was leaving and going to pick up Jordan for the game, and that I was sleeping over Megan’s, which she completely bought.
“Do you have your medicine?”
“Yep!”I said, and shook my bag, which rattled with the bottle of Keppra XR in it.  I drove my black little civic over to Jordan’s house, and she threw her stuff in the trunk and got in.  She looked cute, she had jeans rolled up into capris with American Eagle flip flops.  She was wearing a red Phillies shirt, with Utley on the back, and her hair was down with a side braid cascading the side of her head.
“Hey!” I said as she got in.
“Hey,” she said, and buckled as I turned around.
“Your mom okay with you sleeping over at Megan’s?”
“Yep” she said, and looked at me. “Literally genius of you.”
“Thanks,” I said, and laughed, “I hate lying, but this was way too good to miss out on.” I said, then asked.
“Can you put the GPS in on my phone; I don’t really know where the hotel is.  I put the address in, I just don’t want to get lost.” She laughed, and after a few moments, my phone was directing me to the city.
About 25 minutes later we were in South Philly, driving down the streets to Center City, where their hotel was.
“How do you know your way around here?” Jordan asked.
“I’m not sure, it’s kindof just second nature.” I said, remembering the so many times I was down here visiting my mom’s side of the family for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, you name it.  You could clearly tell the difference from South Philly and Center City, the small row homes turned into large skyscrapers, and when you looked up, you felt incredibly small.
“Here’s where I don’t know too much.” I said, and after a few turns down some one way streets, we ended up at the Hilton.
“Of course.” She said, and I pulled up to the front.  I was planning on getting out and telling the front desk the situation, and asking where I should park my car, but Paul was patiently waiting outside, and waved as soon as we pulled up.
“Hey!” I said, and rolled my window down as he walked over.
“Hey girls, we have a spot for you down in the garage, and the boys and two girls are waiting for you upstairs.”
“Alright I’ll go park, Jord you can go up with Paul.”
“I can park it for you.” Paul offered.
“Do you mind?” I asked, and he was already nodding.
“Not a problem.”
“Can you drive on the right side of the road?” I joked, and he smiled.
“I think I’ll be okay.” He said, and I pulled the seat back so he could fit his legs in.  We got our bags out of the trunk, and I walked back to the window.
“Go to the 16th floor, and they all should be in room number 1607.” He said, and I said,
“Once you’re parked, don’t forget to lock her up, and she doesn’t beep if you push the button twice.” I said, and he nodded his head, and slowly pulled away.  Jordan and I walked into the lobby, where there was a group of girls with a bunch of CD’s and signs and such in a group, and a clerk was talking to them, and it sounded like he was telling them to leave.
“Can you believe that’s not us?” Jordan asked me.
“No.” I said, and we both laughed.  We got in the first elevator available, and got on with a man in a business suit, who look exhausted from a long day.  I pressed the 16th floor button, and he pushed something like 20. We road silently until it dinged that we were on the 16th floor, and we got off. 


Something to Believe In

part 12:

 I woke up groggy and disoriented.  I flipped my body over to glance at my alarm clock, and it was 9:23.  I didn’t want to fall back asleep because I had to do something, but I didn’t remember what.  I picked up my phone to check twitter, but the green light was flashing.  I had a message, and it was from Zayn.  I smacked myself in the face when I realized that last night actually happened, and wasn’t a dream.  The message was sent at 8:17.
“Morning to my favorite American girl :) the not-so-glamorous life of a band, getting up early after fun nights :/” I quickly typed back,
“Aw, poor baby..make sure to drink your coffee this morning!” I grabbed the pill bottle off my night stand, poured two out, took them, and stood up and stretched.  I looked at myself in the mirror, and literally laughed.
“Wow Lauren.” I said to myself, “You look like a hot mess.” I laid in bed for a few minutes, texting Zayn for the particulars about later, so he could go to the signing and not have to worry about anything.
“What time do you want to meet?” he asked.
“Well, the game’s at 7:05, so I can take you guys to get something to eat at 6 for some really good pizza and cheesesteaks, and we can walk to the game.”
“Niall likes the sound of cheesesteaks :) aha”
“Alright, we can meet at the hotel?” I asked.
“Yea, and they can drop us off at the restaurant, you can stay over the night if you want, so you don’t have to drive all the way back to your house late!” he offered.  I would absolutely love to, but I’m not sure how my mom would take to me staying in a hotel in Philadelphia with a band we just met.  I could lie my way out of it most likely. 
“we’ll see (:” I said, and he typed back.
“hmm, that’s either completely promising or you letting me down easy.  I’ll see you at 6 at the hotel, and we’ll ‘see’ from there. :)”
“sounds good! (:”
“sounds fabulous! Signing time, I’ll talk to you soon :)” he sent, and I answered.
“have fun! (:” and I went for a jog.  I figured if I was going to eat all that food, a jog wouldn’t kill me.  I brought my phone with me, and ran out of the neighborhood.  After a good 15 minutes of jogging in the neighborhood across the street from mine, I stopped, and caught my breath.  In order to tell this lie, I needed to have everyone on the same page. I needed to call Jordan first to get her on the same page.  The phone rang 3 times before she picked up.
“Jordan, okay we’re going to the game, I’m picking you up at 5:30.”
“Sounds good—“
“but they offered for us to stay with them in the city overnight so we don’t have to drive back.”
“Shoooooot.” She said, dragging out the oo.
“I didn’t know what to say..” I began
“I don’t want to say no.” she said.
“My thoughts exactly,” which wasn’t so shocking, “So I was thinking.  If I got Megan on the same page, we can say we’re going to sleep over her house tonight after we drive home with her from the game.  These tickets are hers that she gave to me.” They were actually incredible seats, they were in the Hall of Fame section, that was private enough that the boys wouldn’t get mobbed.
“You’re too good.” She said, and I continued.
“I’ll just hope she trusts me enough so I don’t have to explain everything.”
“So I should pack for an overnight?”
“Yes,” I said,
“What are you gonna do about your medicine?” she asked.  I was silent.
“I don’t know.  I don’t want to tell him yet.”
“Too soon.” She agreed.
“We’ll figure something out.” I said, and I promised to call her back later.  I then called Megan.
“Hey Less!” she said when she answered.
“Hey Meg!  Okay, so you know how you gave me those tickets to the game today?” I asked.
“Yea, are you still going?”
“Yea, I am.  Listen I’ll tell you everything later, I promise, I just need you to tell your mom that I’m coming over to sleep over after, in case my mom or Jordan’s mom asks.”
“Less..” she said, trailing off.  I paused. “You promise you’ll tell me EVERYTHING later?” she emphasized.
“Of course I promise.” I said, and added, “Don’t worry I won’t get hurt or do anything illegal.  It’s just a night in the city.” I said, and there was a silence.
“Okay, but if you don’t tell me, I’m personally never talking to you ever again.”
“You’re the best, you know that?” I told her, and she laughed, and we hung up.  I texted Jordan, and told her we were in the clear, as I ran home.  I laid outside for an hour trying to soak up some natural rays, and then I checked the time, and it was 4.  I needed to start getting ready for our night in the city with the boys!



Something to Believe In

part 11:

 “Hey you can take me home, right?” Jordan asked, and I just rolled my eyes.
“No I’m leaving you here.  You have to hitch a ride home.” And she laughed as we got in the car.
“Can you just slap me really quick, so I know I’m not dreaming?” I asked, and she flicked my ear, and then said.
“No, this is not a dream, because if it was someone would run up and shoot you in the chest.”
“True.” I said, describing my reoccurring nightmare.  I wake up crying every single time.
“Did you get Niall’s number?” I asked, as I reversed out of the spot and started driving home.
“He texted himself from my phone, so now we both have each other’s numbers.” She said, and freaked out.
“This is not real life.” I kept repeating the entire ride home.
“So what’s up for tomorrow?” she asked,  and I thought for a moment.
“Okay so I was thinking of getting something to eat at the Phillies game, and then after I can take them to get water ice.”
“They need to get water ice, it’s the best.”
“Trust me, I know.” I said, and laughed. “My cousin works in one, so I can tell him to stay open for us.” I said, and thought more. “After the game we can walk around South Philly or even Center City if we want to go.” I said, and she nodded her head.
“Sounds fun, laid back but still stuff to do.” She said, and laid her head back in her seat.
“Niall Horan has my number.”
“Deep breaths.  Don’t fangirl.” I said, and she laughed.
“Oh please I did that in my room after you left.  It’s all out now.” She said, and then said.
“What are you wearing tomorrow?”
“Hmm, I’m going to wear my hair curly, and a Phillies shirt, probably with jeggings and my rainbows.”
“Okay, I’ll do the jean capris tomorrow.” She said, and we pulled into her neighborhood.
“I’ll come pick you up and then we can drive to Philly or whatever we end up doing.” I said, and my phone buzzed, and she checked it.
“It’s Zayynnn.” She sang, and I laughed and ripped it out of her hands.
“I’ll call you tomorrow.” I said, and she got out of the car and ran into her house.  I read my phone and the text from Zayn said,
“thank you soo much again for tonight.  The boys and I really had a lot of fun. :) xx”
“I’m glad you had fun, Jordan and I both had a lot of fun too! (:” I typed as I sped home.  When I got home I washed my face and brushed my teeth as I went on my iPad and checked the twitter I had missed for the whole day.  At around 5ish (the math being done in my head from twitter’s standard “4 hours ago”) Zayn tweeted,
“The city’s gonna save her :) xx.” HE LOVED MY SONG!! I thought, and laughed, when I saw the text from Jordan on my phone that screenshotted that tweet.
“Great choice in songs.”  I texted back, and then read the other text I got from Zayn, it said,
“Niall has to be texting Jordan.  His face keeps lighting up every time he checks his phone.”
“No way, that is way too precious!!” I typed back, and just imagined him smiling and her practically screaming every time her phone vibrated. My phone buzzed, and Zayn said,
“How should I prepare myself for tomorrow’s game? :)”
“Well, if you wear a Phillies shirt, you’ll blend right in.  Need to borrow one?”
“I think I can handle it, anything I shouldn’t do?”
“Don’t say anything bad about them, and everyone will love you. (:”
“Mostly everyone, probably not the other team.(:”
“Good point, so should I bother to tell Niall not to wear the Yankee’s cap? :)”
“If you want him to survive, he should leave that at the hotel.”
“Ay ay captain :)” he said, and I laughed.
“Alright I’m about to pass out, I’ll text you tomorrow?”
“I’ll be up early for the signing, so I’ll be here whenever.  Goodnight Lauren :) xx.”
“night Bradford bad boy.(:”
“hey, don’t hold it against me :) xx.”
“I’ll try not to. (:” I said, and I put my phone on my night stand, and fell right asleep.



Something to Believe In

part 10:

 We all walked out, and Niall asked,
“Is everything okay?”
“Brilliant!” Danielle said, she had a strong personality, but not overpowering, which was a nice change.
“Yea, we’re good.” Jordan said, and Zayn looked at me and opened his mouth to say something, when Louis cut him off.
“Let’s do first round boys versus girls, we’ll go easy on you.” He winked at Eleanor, and she playfully shoved him.
“Alright, we’ll see how this goes.” Jordan said, and we put on the chest pads that had the laser sensors in them, and glasses they gave us that resembled the 3D goggles you got when you were at the movies.  We each got a laser gun, and they released us into opposite ends of the arena, and we decided to pair off, but it ended up being me with Eleanor and Jordan with Danielle.  It was hard not to make things incredibly awkward, but Eleanor was nice, and we were having a quiet discussion, when she hushed me, and we heard footsteps, and Harry’s loud laughter.  As they came across the corner, I shot Harry, and his vest lit up, when Louis shot me, and Eleanor shot Louis, and ran away.
A short while later, Danielle came up with Jordan, with Niall, Zayn, and Liam’s chests glowing from getting shot with the laser.
“Did the girls just win this round?” Danielle asked.
“Yea, I was shot though.” I laughed, and Jordan shook her head at me.
“It was a sacrifice kill, she got Harry, Louis got her, and I got Louis.” Eleanor explained.
“Rookie mistake.” Zayn whispered under his breath as he walked by me, and I came back and said,
“Look who’s talking.” And he smiled.
“Let’s make this interesting.” Liam said, and we all turned to face him.
“Let’s partner up, and whoever wins…”
“Will get an extra special American surprise from Jordan and me.” I said,
“Well what if one of the two Americans wins?” Niall asked.
“Then they’ll get an extra special surprise from Danielle and myself.” Eleanor volunteered.
“BRING IT ON!” Louis shouted, as he wrapped his arm around Eleanor and said, “Partner!”
“I call Danielle!” Liam said,
“Well I want the Irish one!” Niall said.
“Niall, you’re the only Irish one here.” Harry said, and patted his back.
“No, Jordan! Her last name is Ireland! So I want that Irish one!” and we all laughed.
“We’ll triple up and have Harry on our team!” Louis said, and I looked up at Zayn.
“Well looks like you’re stuck with the weakest link.” He smiled, and everyone separated to strategize.
“I wouldn’t call it stuck.”
“Really, what would you call it then?”
“Don’t worry about it.” He smiled, and I couldn’t help but smile back at him, and I shook my head back into focus.
“Okay, how are we going to win this?”
“Let’s just hide until everyone gets each other out, and then we’ll attack.”
“Deal.” I said, and we ran to the back of the course, and sat in a corner close together so we weren’t able to be seen.
We sat there for about twenty minutes, giggling and whispering and shhhing each other when we thought someone was coming, then we heard Harry yell,
“Where’s Zayn and Lauren?”  And we both looked at each other.  We stood up and snuck quietly to the front, where everyone was standing in a circle, with everyone’s vest lit up apart from Harry.
“How did Harry manage to not get hit?” I whispered to Zayn, and he chuckled and shrugged his shoulders.  I snuck around the corner, in position to hit Harry from behind, when Danielle saw me, and completely interrupted the conversation and shot me.
“Shoot.”  I said, and walked into the group.  I tried to distract everyone so Zayn could have his chance, when everyone ran to where I came from.  I heard a feminine scream, most likely from Louis, and Zayn came back with his vest lit up.
“Sorry, I messed it up.” He smiled and shook his head.
“It’s alright, I left my gun back where we were hiding anyways.” And everyone laughed.
“How do you forget your gun?” Liam asked, and he shrugged.  We all walked out into the lobby where Paul was waiting.
“What time is it?” Zayn asked me.
“It’s 11.” Paul answered.
“We have a signing tomorrow morning, but other than that, we’re free for the rest of the day.” Zayn said, and we circled up again.
“Okay, well there’s a Phillies game tomorrow night, if you’re interested in going.”
“Is that baseball?” Niall asked.
“Yes,” Jordan laughed, and I said,
“My friend has tickets that she said we could use, if you all want to go.  It’s one of the best ways to see Philly. There’s funny people, crazy stories, and really good food.”
“I’m in.” Niall said, and we all laughed.
“Sounds fun.” Harry said, and Danielle nodded her head.
“Now I’m interested, we wanna go, right Liam?”
“Of course.”
“We’ll come too.” Eleanor said, as Louis stood with his arms around her.
“Sounds like a lot of fun!” Zayn said to me, and I pulled my phone out and asked,
“Alright, who should I call to schedule details with.”
“Here, I’ll text myself from your phone.” Zayn said, taking my phone from my hand, and typing quickly.  I’m pretty sure I saw Niall steal Jordan’s phone from her hand, but I wasn’t entirely sure.
“We can meet at our hotel, and you can take us from there, Miss ‘Souphilly.’” Zayn smiled at me, and handed me my phone back.
“Hey, don’t make fun of the accent.”
“I actually love it.” He said, and I shook my head.
“But it’s just so, American.” I laughed.
“No, you have your own spin on it.  And hey, I’m not used to American accents, so I like it.” He laughed, and we all walked out.  Zayn walked over to my car, and I stood in front of the driver’s door, as he said,
“Thank you for everything today.  It’s really nice to meet someone so incredibly down to earth. I know it’s hard with all we have to do.” He said, and leaned his shoulder against the car, bringing himself eye level to me.
“I’m glad you had fun.  Tomorrow will be hilarious.  You’ll meet some of the craziest people you’ve ever met.  It’s going to be fun.” I smiled, and he mirrored mine.
“Can’t wait.” He said, and I heard their car start.
“Oops, don’t want them to leave without me!” and he quickly picked me up into a hug, and kissed my cheek, before he ran off to their car, and shouted a goodbye before he shut his door, and I just leaned back against the car as I saw Jordan running toward my car.  What the hell just happened?


Something to Believe In

part 9:

 I saw a tall slender girl with wild curly hair and dark skin talking, with a smaller girl with chestnut brown hair standing next to her.  Next thing I know Liam is embracing her, and Louis picked up the smaller girl and spun her around in a circle.  It sank my stomach when I realized that Danielle Peazer, Liam’s girlfriend, and Eleanor Calder, Louis’s girlfriend just walked into the room. It didn’t sink my stomach that I didn’t want them to come, I could have cared less, just the fact that they were there.  They made me feel much more ordinary, like this extraordinary occurrence was just that.  Nothing more.  I looked over at Jordan, and her jaw was two centimeters short of dropping to the ground, as all the guys gave Danielle and Eleanor a hug.
“Long time no see!” Danielle said, as her red leggings framed her perfectly long legs with a tanktop vest and a flowing tanktop underneath was designed to her perfect figure.  Eleanor was wearing jeans with a striped baby pink blouse that hung in all the right places.  I’ve never felt more inferior in my whole life, and Liam turned around at me smiling, and said,
“Danielle, you have to meet our new American friends! This is Lauren, she gave us the most delicious ice cream today.  Well, I had a milkshake,” he said, and I felt her and Eleanor look me up and down, and then Liam gestured over to Jordan and say, “This is her friend who works with her, Jordan.  They just took us out to get sushi, and it was absolutely out of this world!”  I saw their eyes look her up and down, as well, and I felt her want to go hide in the nearest corner, as I had.  These girls were practically perfect, how could I have thought that I was even half decent enough to spend time with this band.  They were larger than life, and my life especially.  I had to take deep breaths to hold myself from crying.  Jordan looked over at me, and then back at everyone. 
“We’re going to run to the bathroom really fast.” She said, and we excused ourselves from the room, and down one corridor, into the girls’ room.
“What. The. Hell.” I said, and leaned against the wall, and sunk to the floor.
“I don’t know what just happened.” She said, pacing back and forth.  I let a few tears slide.
“I don’t know what I was thinking, thinking we could hang out with people like them.  I mean look at them.” I said, and my voice cracked from the tears. 
“We’re in so far over our heads.” She agreed.
“Look at us!” I said, “Two girls who’ve never known anything other than school and sports, and there’s a freaking world famous band, a girl who’s danced with more famous bands than I’ll ever know, and a freaking model.” I said.
“I’ve never felt smaller.” She said, and I agreed.  There was a knock on the door, and a small high voice asked,
“Are you okay?” I jumped up, and quickly wiped the makeup that ran from my eyes, and Eleanor peeked her head in.
“Hey, are you two okay?” she asked, and Danielle peeked her head in behind her.
“Yea, just needed to use the bathroom.” I said, and fixed my hair.
“Sorry if we scared you.” Danielle said, walking into the bathroom, “I just always love making fun of them.  We haven’t properly met, I’m Danielle.” She said, and shook my hand.  I smiled, such a British thing to do.
“I’m Lauren.”
“I’m Jordan.” She said, shaking her hand, and Eleanor said,
“I’m Eleanor.  I’m really sorry we didn’t mean to scare you off like that.”
“Did it really look that bad?” I asked, and they both laughed.
“Yea, you looked like you just saw your dead grandmother’s ghost.” Danielle said, and I laughed at that.  Jordan said,
“We’re sorry.  It’s just been such an overwhelming day.”
“It’s a lot to take in.” I agreed, and they both nodded their head.
“Don’t let us intimidate you, trust me.  We’re the two biggest goofballs you’ll ever meet.” Eleanor said, and I smiled.
“I was shocked you came here.” I smiled, “I didn’t know you were coming, they didn’t mention anything.”
“Yea, we were going to surprise them.  They picked up two more girls to our group El.” Danielle elbowed Jordan.
“We’re just friends right now.” Jordan said,
“Yea, but don’t worry not for long.” Eleanor said, “Niall wouldn’t spend his time with just anyone.”
“And you,” Danielle said, pointing at me, “Liam told me Zayn can’t even look straight when he’s with you.”
“What? He’s fine when he’s with me..” I said, confused.
“Don’t worry about it.” She laughed, and said,
“Bradford Bad Boy meets a good girl.”
“Why does everyone keep calling me a good girl?” I asked, and Eleanor and Jordan laughed.
“Do you have a tattoo?” Danielle asked.
“No…” I said.
“You’re a good girl.” She smiled, and we all walked out of the bathroom to rejoin the boys.


Something to Believe In

part 8:


“So tell me more about yourself.  Have you lived here your whole life?” he asked,
“Yea, I’m actually incredibly boring.” I laughed, and looked up at him, and my tummy tickled when our eyes connected.  There were no other words to describe it.  I swallowed, and continued,
“I’ve lived here since I was born, went to the same school for 12 years.  It’s really bad.  That’s why after I graduate, I plan on doing everything.”
“Everything?” he asked, intrigued, “What do you mean by everything?”
“Everything I can’t do in this small down.  I wrote it all down on my bucket list.” I smiled, and he laughed.
“You have a bucket list.  Name a few things.”
“Let’s see, 36. Go sky diving and bungee jumping.  13. Own all of the NCIS seasons on DVD.  15. Be a contestant on the amazing Race.  20. Crowd Surf.”
“That was fun,” he reminisced, and I laughed.
“Exactly, I don’t want to be old and gray before I realize I should have done something with my life.”
“I understand.” He nodded his head, “That’s why I auditioned for the X-Factor, sort of.  And well, look what it turned into.”
 “Is there a specific order to this list?” he asked.
“No, I’ll have to show it to you sometime.” I said, and our food came out.  Everyone looked at me after the waiter left to show them what to do.
“Alright, you can eat it with your hands, or with your chopsticks.  I’m chopstick challenged, so I use my hands, but you can try.”  I started, “You can put some soy sauce if you want to try it, and just try all of them.” I laughed, and everyone started at the meal.  Zayn and I tried to use our chopsticks, and he laughed at my several failed attempts to use them.  He was pretty decent with his, and picked up a piece of sushi, and dipped the end of it into his soy sauce bowl.
“I got one!” he cheered, and as he looked up, he elbowed me and nodded his head forward, towards Jordan and Niall.  They were sword fighting aimlessly with their chopsticks, as their gazes were locked on each other, and they were deep in conversation.  I giggled, and Zayn smiled,
“Too cute.” He said, and took a bite of his first piece of sushi.  I paused, and gauged his reaction to it, as he thought about it for a second.
“This is actually really good!” he said, and finished the piece.  I took a bite of mine, and everyone kept trying the new ones, and everyone generally liked them!  Every now and then, there was an “Ewwww,” but it was generally good.  The waiter came over to Paul, and when everyone stood up ready to leave, I said,
“Wait, I didn’t pay.”
“Don’t worry about it.” Zayn said, and I looked up at him and pouted.
“You’re showing us around, it’s the least we could do.” I stood straight up, and put my hands on my hips.  He just laughed, and put his hands on my shoulders, and turned me around to walk me out.
“Time to lasertag?!” Louis asked, as he ran to the car.
“No one knows we’re here.” Liam calmly said, as he walked next to me.  “So, how do you play lasertag?”
“You get partner up, and last two standing win.  We can play a few rounds.” I said, as we parted ways to drive there.  It took us about ten minutes to get there, and we all walked in the place, as Paul scoped it out.  We were all standing in the lobby waiting, when someone opened the door, and everyone turned to the door, as I heard a high British voice say,
“You expect to go to the States and play lasertag without us?!”



Something to Believe In

part 6:

  “Any requests?” Zayn asked, as he plugged his iPod into the car jack. I shook my head, and Niall shouted,
“David Guetta!” and Zayn’s head went down as he searched for a good song to put on.
“How’s your driving record?” Niall asked,
“My driving record?” I asked, confused.
“Yea, like how many times have you gotten stopped by the police?” he asked.
“None! I’m a good girl!”
“A good girl, and the Bradford bad boy.” Niall laughed, as Zayn put on Turn me On, “That’s not going to work.”
“Enough out of the leprechaun,” as Zayn reached his hand back to hit Niall in the leg, and Niall kicked his seat, and I felt the car shaking.
“I really don’t want to get in a car accident.” Jordan said, as Zayn pulled his hand back up to the front, and they both laughed.
“Yea, I don’t either.” I agreed.
“Well you’re the one driving!” Niall shouted from the back.
“We’ll be fine.” Zayn said, and looked at me.  I saw him from the corner of my eye, but I would not take my eyes off the road.
“Mind if I put the windows down?” I asked, as I reached my hand to the door.  Zayn looked at me with concern in his eyes.
“Won’t people recognize us?”
“Not here!” I laughed as trees engulfed the car’s surroundings.
“Do it!” Niall shouted, and Zayn smiled as he gave in,
“Fine!” and I rolled all the windows down, and turned up the music, as Zayn put on Good Feeling, and I immediately heard Niall singing from the back.  I kept checking to see if Paul and the rest of the guys were still behind us, and they were a safe following distance behind us.  After I saw them, I looked lower and saw Niall and Jordan both singing, and smiled to myself.  They were way too adorable, I thought, and Zayn looked at me to see why I was smiling, and I nodded my head to the back of the car, and he glanced back, and mimicked my smile. 
 We finally got to Jordan’s neighborhood, and I pulled right in front of her house.  The black SUV slid right in front of me, and we all got out of the car.
“Don’t worry Zayn, no one will recognize you here either.” I joked, as he looked both ways of the empty street of the neighborhood.  He laughed as he helped pull Niall out of the back of the car. We rejoined Louis, Liam, and Harry, and walked down her driveway into her house.
“My parents are at Mini’s game, so just don’t break anything.” She joked as she let us all in.
“Who’s Mini?” Liam asked,
“Her sister, who looks just like her.” I answered,
“But tinier.” She defended, and we walked into her kitchen. “I’ll be quick, I promise.” She said, and she headed up the stairs. I followed her upstairs to help her pick out an outfit.
“What should I wear?” she asked, and walked into her room.
“It needs to be cute, but casual.” I said, mentally deciding what would be acceptable and unacceptable.
“And I need to able to move around in it.” She said.
“So that leaves out flip flops..” I said, tearing through her closet, and I picked up her black Tom’s and threw them at her.
“You’re wearing these.”
“Are jeggings good pants to wear?” she asked, going through her drawer.
“Perfect!” I said, and found a white tank top with black accents, and paired it with a baby blue cardigan, and turned around to show her.
“Approved?” I asked, and she nodded her head.
“Looks good.” She agreed, and I put it on her bed.  “I’m going to braid my hair.”
“That’s cute!” I agreed, as I took mine out of the ponytail, and brushed out the bump in my hair with my fingers.  It wasn’t too stubborn today, so I figured I would clip half of it up when I got to my house.
“Alright, I’ll finish, just go make sure they haven’t torn apart my house yet.” She laughed, as I walked downstairs, and Louis was sitting next to Niall and Harry at the bar stools, Liam was sitting on one of her counters, and Zayn was leaning against her counter, and they were all on their phones.
“Tweeting?” I asked, and they all silently nodded their heads.
“Well while you’re on, go follow me!”
“What’s your name?” Liam asked,
“@lessismore6” I said, and after they finished typing, Zayn looked up and said,
“You never told me why she calls you Less.”
“Oh, it’s just a combination of my first and last name.  My hoodies would read L.Esposito, so people would read it as Lespo, and pronounce it like ‘Lesbo’ but that wasn’t okay, so everyone just called me Less, and it caught on.”
“What’s a hoodie?” Harry asked.
“A sweatshirt, with a hood on it.” I laughed. “I didn’t think Americans had this much slang. Wait until tomorrow, I’m really going to lose you.”
“Oh, right.” Zayn laughed, “Souphilly.”
“You’ll be a pro by the time I’m done with you.”
“We’ll be American by the time you’re done with us.” Liam argued.
“We have a very strong culture, what can I say?” I laughed, and then I heard Jordan say.
“You can drive us to your house, cause I’m done,” as she walked in.  Niall’s face lit up, but then he caught himself, and recomposed his face.
“Are we ready to leave?” I asked, and everyone nodded.
“That was fast.” Louis commented.
“Yea, I’m definitely going to take longer.” I said, as we all walked out the front door.
“Doubt it,” I heard Zayn say to me under his breath, and when I looked at him, he just looked away, and smiled.
“Shut up” I smiled, and he just laughed.
“I never said anything.”


Something to Believe In

part 5:

“Yea, it’s not in the city it’s out here, but I could take you guys!”
“Yesssss let’s go!” Niall said, and looked up at Liam.
“Daddy Liam, can we please go?”
“It’s not up to me, ask Paul!”
“As long as I come and make sure it’s okay, we can check it out.”
“Wait, can you get off of work?” Zayn asked, and I looked down at my work uniform, and up at Patty who was giving me her thinking face.
“You know what, don’t worry about it.  I’ll have someone come in, you two can leave it’s not a big deal.”
“Really?!” I asked, and she nodded her head. “Thanks Patty, I owe you for this!” and hugged her.  She was taken aback by the hug, but everyone laughed, and Harry stood up and shouted,
“Let’s go!”
“We can go out this back door,” I offered, peeking through the window.  There were about 20 girls top still outside, but they would cause such a scene. “If you pull the car around, it comes right in front of the door.” I said, and looked at Paul.  The boys were clueless with this, as was Jordan, and her and Niall were still going at the ice creams.
“I don’t have much more room.” She said, as she dutifully ate a tiny bit of red velvet.
“Me neither,” said Niall, and he put it back in the freezer, and leaned against it.  The rest of the guys were just listening to what we were plotting.
“How will you get there?” Liam asked,
“I drove here, so my car’s here.” I said, and Liam looked shocked.
“You’re 17 and you drive?”
“Yea?” I giggled, and looked at Jordan. She looked just as confused as I was. “I’ve had my license for like 7 months now.”
“Not fair.” He said, and shook his head.
“Hey Liam, maybe she can give you a few pointers.” Harry joked, and elbowed Louis, as they both laughed.
“Real funny,” he said, and Jordan interrupted and asked,
“Would I be able to get ready?”
“Yea, I need to too.” I said, and looked down as I took my apron off, revealing my blue tshirt and black yoga pants with my stained shoes from too many late Friday and Saturday nights working.
“Can we go to Jordan’s house, wait for her to get ready, go to my house, and I’ll change really quick, and we can go from there?” I asked.  Paul nodded his head,
“As long as that’s okay with the guys.” They all looked indifferent until Zayn spoke up and said,
“Yea, that’s completely fine.” Niall looked at Jordan, and said,
“You don’t drive, right?” and she laughed,
“Nooo, not yet.” And he looked relieved.
“Alright good, me either. But we can drive you to your house, as long as, well you tell us how to get there.” She giggled, and looked at me, unsure of what to do.
“Are you gonna leave me by myself?” I asked, and jokingly pouted.
“I’m actually curious to see you drive,” Zayn said and looked at Niall. “We can take the leprechaun with us,” and Niall just lit up at his nickname.
“Paul, do you trust me?” I asked, and he looked me up and down, as I grabbed my keys out of the locker. “Here’s my license, in case you don’t trust me.” My license picture was probably one of my better pictures, surprisingly.  I had just gotten back from a two week trip from the beach, and my crazy curls were actually cooperating with me.  Louis snuck behind Paul, and grabbed my ID from my hands.
“Nice picture, you have Harry hair.” And he petted Harry on the head.
“Yea, I straightened it today though.” I said, and tugged at my long ponytail.
“Why?” Zayn asked.
“I don’t know.” I looked at him, and smiled. “It was a straight hair kinda day.”
“You can drive in front of us.” Paul finally agreed skeptically, and added, “No pit stops.”
“No sir.” I turned to face him with a serious face, but I couldn’t keep it very long.
“Perfect!” Niall said, and Paul again directed me,
“Go show them where to pull the car up.” I grabbed my keys from Louis, which had my license in the Vera Bradley wallet attached to my turquoise University of Pittsburgh lanyard.  I walked out calmly with another guy around the corner, and up to my car, Sheila.  I carefully backed out of the spot and drove around the lot until the black SUV appeared in my rearview mirror, and the man waved to me.  I pulled around the back of Maggie Moo’s, right in front of the door, and the man was on the phone, and then pointed to the door swinging open.  Zayn, Niall, and Jordan walked over to my car, and Jordan and Niall slid across the back seat. I adjusted the seat so that Zayn could sit down on it.
“Sorry, two door car problems.”
“It’s alright!” Zayn smiled and I looked back at Niall’s squished legs.
“Sorry Niall!”
“Don’t worry, remember, I’m a leprechaun!” and we all laughed, he then added,
“Ohh yea we have DJ Malik with us!” and I told everyone to buckle up, and drove out of the parking lot, and stopped at the red light.