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Hardcore Directioner here!!!

Hey there lovely(: I'm Miranda, I'm 17 years young, and am livin' it up in Minnesota. I'm a pretty chill, down-to-earth girl, but I can have a short temper. I love everything about witty, except for the haters. But I tend to ignore them; no hater is worth anybody's time!
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Music is my life. It has been there for me when nobody else has been.
My goal in life is to put a stop to bullying of all types. Many people don't realize words kill. Words hurt. Please take the time to think before you speak.

Music; One Direction, Miley Cyrus, The Fray,  Kelly Clarkson, Boys Like Girls, Rascal Flatts, Megan&Liz, etc.
Reading; The Last Song, 13 Reasons Why, The Hunger Games, anything by Jodi Picoult or Simone Elkeles etc.
Movies; Toy story 1,2,3, The Last Song, The Blindside, The Lucky One, Taken, etc.
Summer, shopping, Four-wheeling, spending time with my friends, taking pictures, reading quotes/ stories on witty, etc.
haters, people who judge others, arrogant people, etc.

Quotes by hopetrustbelieve01

You don't have to look at what you've left behind. And the person who first turned their back on you can't watch you break down and cry. Never allow an enemy to see weakness in you. Go for the throat. Shoot for the groin. Don't let your loss yesterday redefine who you are. Fight the good fight.

Today is your day to win.
Midnight Memories-One Direction

The album is called Midnight Memories because it's dedicated to the fans who stay up late at night, debating whether or not to commit suicide, wondering if their life is worth continuing to tlive. The song Diana is for the fans who are suicidal and self harm. The boys used the name Diana because Princess Diana suffered from depression, and they're comparing us to princesses, which is why there's a crown on the top of the Our Moment perfume bottle.

If you still think One Direction is just some stupid boyband, then you are heartless.

It costs nothing to be nice.

It costs your reputation to be a jerk.

Think about that.

Happy Birthday my little Irish leprechaun. I can't believe you are already 20, Niall James Horan. ♥
This week is Suicide Prevention Week.

While you may be having a good life, there are others who struggle everyday.
While you lay your head down tonight, there are others who plan on ending it all.

Support those who need it.


  :) :) :)
I have written a suicide letter like 4 times now.

Is it wrong that I don't feel guilty?
But you have to realize things go wrong and life doesn't stop for anyone.

Never lose hope.
There is always something to live for and someone who loves you.
I don't even know you and I love you.
Please don't ever give up, stay strong.
It does get better, no matter what you may think.

Sincerely, someone who cares.
i couldn’t be famous cuz i’d get in trouble for spending too much time with the fans.
like oh you wanna go get dinner? let’s go.
you wanna hang out? ok cool.
you wanna go to the mall? awesome we’re going

Saw this on tumblr, this is my life.

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