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Hardcore Directioner here!!!

Hey there lovely(: I'm Miranda, I'm 17 years young, and am livin' it up in Minnesota. I'm a pretty chill, down-to-earth girl, but I can have a short temper. I love everything about witty, except for the haters. But I tend to ignore them; no hater is worth anybody's time!
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Music is my life. It has been there for me when nobody else has been.
My goal in life is to put a stop to bullying of all types. Many people don't realize words kill. Words hurt. Please take the time to think before you speak.

Music; One Direction, Miley Cyrus, The Fray,  Kelly Clarkson, Boys Like Girls, Rascal Flatts, Megan&Liz, etc.
Reading; The Last Song, 13 Reasons Why, The Hunger Games, anything by Jodi Picoult or Simone Elkeles etc.
Movies; Toy story 1,2,3, The Last Song, The Blindside, The Lucky One, Taken, etc.
Summer, shopping, Four-wheeling, spending time with my friends, taking pictures, reading quotes/ stories on witty, etc.
haters, people who judge others, arrogant people, etc.

Quotes by hopetrustbelieve01

The average high school student has the same levels of anxiety as people put in mental hospitals in the 1950s.

 Over 25% of my year group has self harmed recently.

Some of my best friends at school cry themselves to sleep because of the pressure of school.

I’ve talked to people considering suicide and having mental breakdowns because of all the work they have to do and the high expectations.

So don’t you dare tell me that there is nothing wrong with our education system.

Saw this on tumblr. completely agree.

Every time I feel like things are getting better, I am constantly being knocked down.
It sucks.
reasons why people think i hate school:
◦having to do work

reasons why i actually hate school:
◦dumb f/cking idiots in all of my classes
◦not being able to eat on my own schedule
◦not being able to drink coffee in class
◦not being able to sh/t
◦outrageously hot classrooms
◦outrageously freezing classrooms because the schools bipolar
◦having to wear pants
◦filthy bathrooms
◦teachers that cant teach
◦never having time to go to my locker
◦having to do work
I think mental scars are the saddest of all.

Because, no one will ever see them.

And no one will ever care.

As some of my friends go see Taylor Swift tonight, my heart hurts because if I ever got to see One Direction, I would decide to stay on this Earth a little longer.
you’re not helping a depressed person by telling them to cheer up

you’re not helping a self harmer by telling them to stop

you’re not helping a person with eating disorder by telling them to eat

you’re not helping a person with mental illness by telling them to just get over it

you’re not helping by telling people what to do instead of trying to listen
College Algebra will be the death of me.
Does anyone realize this could be it?

The contract was signed for five years.

And in 2015, that contract is up. That's it. It's done.

The could sign another, but by 2020 Louis will be 29.

We will all be grown up. And Zayn?

I'm positive he's going to want to start a family.

Wake up guys. This is our last year.

Can we just make the boys happy and have them be proud of us?

For once, no rumors, no hate?

Because Where We Are is probably the end.

But what will you do? Will you stay?

Will you take the posters down and forget?

Because this has been the happiest journey of my life.

All thanks to five boys and an amazing fandom.

Thank you for everything.

This made me cry.

Am I the only one who sits in class completely dazed and out of it? Like your brain is still set on summer mode. I mean come on, I haven't done anything productive for the past 3 months, why start again now?
Teacher: "Now tell the class a little something about yourself."

Me: -Welcome To The Black Parade starts playing.

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