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The name is Sam. Freshman at WAHS. Taken, William;* . Love my friends. Hate the hick town of Hawley I live in. I'm certainly not the prettiest or the skinniest, but atleast I'm real. I'm just an average teenage girl, tryin' to make it through everything. If you follow me I will most deffinitely follow you right back; also on Tumblr, my link is down there somewhere!(;

p.s. your all gorgeous.
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A guy and a girl decided to break up. Many were shocked for
their relationship. No one knows the reason why they seperated.

Years later, the girl was asked by her bestfriends daughter
"Tita, did you ever have a boyfriend?"
She responded, "Yes we used to love each other a lot, but we decided to call it all off."
Very confused, the child asked "why?"
With tears she said,

"Sthayowould hav

someonto call daddy."

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I  w a n t  t o  b e  c a l l e d  m o m m y.

Dear Justin Bieber,

The luscious flippy hair, then cutting it and spiking it? Beautiful teen star girlfriend. The high pitched voice until age 16? Having all the girls drool over you? Did you just wake up one day and be like, I want my career to be just like his?

Jesse McCartney

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I  w a n t  t o  b e  k i s s ed  u n d e r  a  m i s t l e t o e .

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I want to be kissed in the rain.


you'll   see   who's   fake  ,  who's   true ,
and who would risk it all

for  yo.