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This is my secret witty,
i want to say things and not be judged, because people wont know that it is me.
and just incase you are wondering,
i really dont like horses...... long story
The quote right above  this box,
that is me.
i am still trying to create myself, as well as find myself, who i really am.
All i can say is enjoy your life and the ones in it
:)   <3

Quotes by horsechick818

School S/ut- "actually, im a virgin"

Quiet kid- "yeh, and so are my birth parents" 

Day = Made
My 17 year old sister was watching Disney the other day
she saw a comercial that said: 
"I'm Jason Dolley from Good Luck Charlie and you're watching Disney channel"
and my sister stood up and scremed at the TV:
Then turned to me and said:
"Disney channel is so stupid now"
The best thing about the future

it comes one day at a time

~anything can happen~ 


"i need more tampons!! and could you please buy the larger ones, my flows been a litte heavier lately. thanks :)"

Supposed to be sent to my mom
actually sent to: all contacts...
thats right, over 100 people... 


p  l  e  a  s  e     r  e  a  d  !  !  !  !

Every day i would be bullied.
You'd call me 
and tell me to die.
well one day, "i did"
I did an experiment, with the permission of the school.
The next day my best friend told everyone that i 
commit suicide because of bullying.
when she told people,
they all cried and gasped.
everyone who was ever mean to me,
started crying and shaking.
After 2 days,
everyone knew.
The next day the principal called an assembly 
about bullying.
the most popular girl asked to say something
she started crying
"I bullied her. I never realize how much i hurt her.
But i regret it so much. I wish i could have done something. I wish i could take it all back."
Then i walked onto stage.
she cried harder
everyone gasped.
she hugged me so tight.
"I'm so sorry" she cried to me.
"I'll never do it again" she promised.
i was crying too, "I never even know why you did it."
as more people ran on the stage to come hug me
she said "I'd always been jealous of how perfect your hair was"

I havent seen anyone in my school be bullied since.
STAND UP AGAINST BULLYING. you'll never know what a person can do
until they "do" it


I  t  s     s  o    h  a  r  d    t  o    s  t  a  y      s     t     r    o    n    g

but its even harder for others to stay strong 
when your   b r e a k i n g   d o w n


mom: honey can you start dinner?
dad: why can't you?
mom: I'm 7 months pregnate, i worked all day, and i had to take the dog to the vet.

dad: you know what, you're such an amazing wife, would you like lobster?

 & who else thinks 

that Taylor Swift has a secret witty?


I'm so done 
every time i walk into a room,
people stare at me.
They see my
and they notice that i only have one leg.
But no one knows hows i got this.
i wish i wouldnt be judged.

 I feel like 

I'm on an extended episode of gossip girl.