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Hey, wazzup? My name is Harding! Im 18 years old, started witty when i was 15. Your never too old for witty i guess.

Feel free to chat, ill listen! Comment & favorite my quotes.

Also, i have a lot of comments & favorites on my prom one, thank youuuu!

Youtube channel: Hleslie86
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Quotes by hotpeppergirl93

Chad Kroger and Avril Lavigne

I have to ask..

how is everyones summer going? 

& what made it good and or bad? =]
if i were an objective sexual...
i'd marry my phone =]
Happiness used to be something that came naturally...

now its like I have to try so hard to be happy =/ 
Its my Birthday!

Im 19! Can I get 19 faves? maybe?

Itll make me feeel better<3

I love you guys


Never leave the guy who will..

do anything for you,


for the guy who will do anything to you. 


Never search for happiness in others,
it will make you feel alone.
Search for happiness in yourself,
so your happy when your left alone♥
I dont have any friends to take me out anywhere.
I stay inside alllllll day and babysit my sibs with my cousin...
I only hangout with my boyfriend when hes home. and thats it. 
Im always bored everyday...anyone else?
this is a cry for help. i need to talk to someone. i have no life.

If I was your girlfriend id drive you up the wall.
Question who your with, yeah id always call & call.

I wouldnt call it jealousy, just looking out for you..

reading all your texts, watching everything you doooo =D