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heyy <3
 I'm Amy, i play basketball.
I love my friends and their always there for me.
 I'm 16 and a sofemore in high school

I'm ALWAYS here if anyone needs help on absolutely anything. I give alot of advice and people tell me im easy to talk to. I love helping people! Dont ever hesitate to ask a question, ask for advice or just to say hi!


Quotes by hotpinkpolkadots

My most embarrassing moment was when i was like 10 I heard my close friends mom talking about how long ive known my close friends little sister. Well i've known her since the day she was born, i was at the hospital. So i went up to my friends mom and was like i think i've known her the longest out of all the friends! I was there when she was concieved!.... i thought concieved ment born.
i need help, anyone willing to listen before i drive myself crazy

i love how there are all new people on witty!!
yes you can state your opinion on the internet but i can also state my opinion in return.

If anyone needs makeup or hair advice or for tips just comment on this quote and ill help you out!

I was away on vacation during me and my boyfriends 10 month anaversary, 
                                    he cleaned my whole room (which was a mess) and got me a new sterio.
name things you like about your guy, your crush or your celeb crushh, this is the place to obsess over them and i wont judgee ahahah
hey so i want opinions, what age is a good age to lose  your virginity, i have my own oppinions but im just curious what you all think! 
Love starts off as a fire, then over time slowly subsides leaving an amber. This amber can be even more passionate and hot than the fire, depending on you treat it.
you complete me