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well let me tell you some stuff about a medium height blonde cheerleader and i also play softball. i go to a school named genesis. ok letss cut the crayp--- i am likee the best thing that ever flipping happened to genesis. i'm hott, amazingly talented, smartest person in the world and a little concieted i have the sickestt, craziest friends that anyone could ever wish for and at the samee timee they are alwayz there for me. wow im gonna cry. GENESIS: theres jillian who i could always turn to when i need help. she is the one person no one likees in the group of friends lol. just kidding. inside joke. i love her no matter what and we can never stay in a fight for more than one hour. maegen reedy is nice and nuetral we talk about lots of stuffs and i know i can trust her. grace is just a crazy little thing that i lovee. (grow babies grow!) we have lykee the best insidee joke jackie is so much fun to hang out with and i can tell her everything. danielle dib helps me with math and my locker and is very understanding and caring. giselle is my curly-haired buddy that i lovee and cherish. amanda is amanda♥. i lovee her no matter what. we laugh at anythingg and will never ever get into a fight. she is my partner in crimee. who else will make nasty jokes AND LAUGH with me? lol jessie and tucci are my dyker buddies we are the coolest kids in the class we stuff our bras with tree and cell phone (haha inside jokee). i love them so much i can turn to them when i am hysterically crying on the phone and they will stand up for me. catherine testagrossa is my honey bunches of oats we are the funnniest people ever. she is really nice and we have the best times together even if we are talking about nothing. ciaran is my guy best friend and as much as i yell at him i need him in life. he helps me through evrything especially my cheerleading breakdowns when i am hysterically crying on the phone. drew is really crazy and TOUCHES PEOPLE but he's the coolest and i love him anyway. him and stephen ryan are "my men" and no amanda you cant have him! lol i.j. danny can get annoying but he's the sweetest thing ever. im actually madd at himm right now cuzz he gott amanda in troublee but i still love him john mcchale is so cool and nice oh i just love him! my true love, though, is stephan ryan . i saved the best for last...he looks likee a dog and his name is ryan stephen I LIE lol i.j. OTHER: noel and francesca i've known since for ever and they have always been there. lauren i knew since pre-k. we are still really close. wow...isnt that oh so amazing! angelo is my bestest friend since kindergarden. dont worry about ciaran, angelo i will always love you and YES i can have two guy best friends. frank told me i was pretty and i am in love with his beautiful muscles...that he will someday i.j. ryan is my sixth grade buddy. chrisitna L is my bffl in camp. we pimp that place anthony v is my skiing buddy mikey ♥ is the coolest 5th grader ever (anthony's brother). me and rosemarie had rough starts but we are bffles to the end. caterina is my confirmation buddy. we are sealed with the holy spirit within us jenna ♥ has been going to camp with me for seven years now. catherine naverino is my bestest cheerleading buddy. lisette got fired from being my cheerleading buddy. maryy is the bestest eight grader, the most fun to take the bus with [hot wok lol i.j.] and is giving me my graduating ring if the school likes it or not!!! and then theres everyone else. if im forgetting someone im sorry. love you anyways ♥ *****a good friend will bail you out of jail. a best friend would be sitting next to you saying that was fricken awesome*********** *********a good friend will tell you the good things when you feel horrible. a best friend will make you laugh about their moments likee yours [ciaran, jessie, tucci--cheerleading breakdown] .************* *******if you dwell in the bad times you cant enjoy the good times******* ******make every timee a memory...make every memory last forever...make forever a timee you cant let go****** *********every relationship neeeds a little funn...=] so why not step up and be the one who brings itt? because if someone doesnt, soon the whole thing will fall apart********* ********can YOU handle being blonde?....psssshh i didnt think so.*********** ********blonde people red people smart smart smart if you dont believe us we'll fart fart fart.....[grace,meagan,all you blonde peoples in the class]*****************

Quotes by hottieblondie

things that i do
dont seem to phase you
everyone notices
but you forget
everyone smiles
but you regret
everyone makes me laugh
but you try to finish last [with me]
everyone says i am the best
but you say to put it to rest
everyone tried to make you change
but all you do is take a new range
everyone agrees with me
but you, my babie, will never see
why doesnt anyone notice?
if i buy a $4000 dress?
if i dont make it seem like i try not to impress?
if i act like i dont care?
if i show up at your door in my see-through underwear?
if i have a boyfriend?
if i say that i want my life to end?
if i beg on my knees?
if i say i have sparkly jeans?
do you even know what i mean?
do i have to spell it out?
no i dont because you DONT CARE!
ThE WaLLs aRe cLoSInG In. tHe rOoM GeTs sMaLlEr. I JuSt WaNt to dIE bEcAuSe ThErES No rOoM lEfT iN The wOrLd fOr Me.
~~DEPRESSED: need comforting
what would you say if your best friend's older brother asked you out?
omg is it ok if i go out with your older brother?

if i say i'm [italian] do i get a kiss?

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