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 hey ladies(: im meg &im fifteen years young, blowing out the candles december eighth, wahhoo sophmore!! just kidding, this years gonna suck. we've got the sluttiest grade coming up, those eighth grade whores have moved up to be freshmen whoress* yay. but basically im just your average teenage girl, living in a world of beauty and lies. guys will be douches, girls will be bitches, but life goes on. dont hold a grudge, just forgive and forget. move on. and whoever doesnt care enough to chase after you, leave them in the dust. now a little more personal: confession number onee, i love track, its become my life.. sad but true. i am quitting soccer in the fall so i can run cross country to train for winter and spring track. confession two, every single guy i talk to ends up being a lying jerk, i think its my towwn. theyre too full of themselves and its freaking annoying! like you need an attitude adjustment, or youll lose out on those who care, woowww im like venting but okay anyways!(: if you need advice or want to be witty bffs just comment on my page- - Profile Counters

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hey guys
what should i write about?!

what should i write about?

i have flaws, i know i'm not perfect 

all the ups and downs will soon be worth it

this world is full of barbies;; so make sure you're a

limited edition


And boy because of your stupidity

((____Cra yola____))>

i wish i was like a white crayon,
so then no one would
ever use me.


and do you see this smile..? 

yeah well,its my best



&she tells herself 
(just wait) because Cinderella didn't find her prince until the end.


we are all too young
to be so damn unhappy.



the stars lean down to kiss you 
as i lie awake and miss you, because i'll miss your arms around me
&i wish you were here♥