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and your the reason why i cry my self to sleep.....
the moment when your in photo imaging class reading these quotes with guys next to you saying 
" wow, girls are so upset these days" 

went on vacation
left on probation ♥

he's 19 and 
you're 13.
not dating
h u n , t h a t ' s  

the chapters ending but the stories have just begun ♥

Tell her how you admire her♥always tell her you love her at all times♥when she's upset hold her tight♥pick her over all the other girls you hang out with♥play with her hair♥pick her up tickle her and wrestle with her♥just talk to her♥tell her jokes♥bring her flowers just because♥hold her hand and run♥just hold her hand♥throw pebbles at her window at night♥let her fall asleep in your arms♥ sing to her no matter how awful you sound♥get her mad at you♥then kiss her♥give her a piggy back ride♥push her on swings♥tell her she looks beautiful♥ when she's sad, stay on the phone with her even if she is not saying anything♥look into her eyes and smilekiss her forehead♥slow dance with her even if the is no music♥kiss her in the rain♥and when you fall in love with her....♥♥tell her♥♥.

Lets see what's a perfect birthday?
-A guy bring roses? No...
-A guy telling you happy birthday? No...
-A guy telling you, you look pretty? No..

That one guy with a dozen of roses in the school cafeteria were everyone is on the mic saying happy birthday telling you how perfect you are in ever single way and asking you out♥

i love you connor♥
forever and always (:
you surely do know what love means♥


F you and your life too!

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, hate me because your boyfriend thinks I am.


I love you baby