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Tennis camp <3
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Hey Beautiful! 
My name is Lucy
I'm 13 years old,
I'm not so new to Witty.
I love playing tennis and running cross country.
Someday I want to open a chocolate shop....
I haven't made too many friends on Witty so...
But just so you know, if you snap at me I WILL snap back. I don’t just take let people walk all over me.
I've heard I give pretty good advice, so I'm ALWAYS here for anyone who need the help. (seriously,just ask)
I am the creator of that "types of guys quote" that I now see being copied on the internet.... which is annoying.
I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Harry Potter and starkid! Both are Fxxcking amazing.
So uh.. I've kinda run out of stuff to say now so BYE BYE!

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cvnt* 8 years ago
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That wasn't even rude, my mom can suck it. She's awful. :/ Haha, but I'm not a great sister, to be honest :P I fight too much and threaten to let my brother fail.
Hahah I already knew you were an 8th grader. I like talking to an 8th grader coz I can tell them that everything they've heard about high school is probably wrong. The dress code isn't enforced and you won't get your phones and iPods taken. But you're lucky, regular bio is only offered to Sophomores where I go. So I took honors and it's cray cray! Good luck next year though(:
cvnt* 8 years ago
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Meeeep. I like ya Tumblah(: I would follow, but I only follow blogs based on Pottah, Glee, All Time Low, Owl City, Misfits and AVPM. Buuuuuut it's going horribly. I am going to die of stress soon. I had 3 book projects last week, and I'm getting another 3 this week. I have to memorize a script for theatre and Honors Bio will be the death of me. I'm usually kick- at science. I suck right now. I'm just ready for when we get to Marine Biology.&hearts; And on top of all that, my brother is a senior and may not graduate. Along with my other homework, I'm doing his online classes because he just doesn't care and I want him to graduate. I told mom it was becoming too much and all hell breaks loose. God forbid I don't help Justin, or she'll flip t. It's all about him. I'm always the bad guy if I try to do something for myself. I'm so sick of it. But how are things for you?(: And haha, I kinda surprised myself when I changed my layout. :p I never thought I would, but I love the one I have!&hearts;
cvnt* 8 years ago
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YOU CHANGED YOUR PROFILE SONG. Holy crap what the hell. I never thought I'd see the day. *Le amazement*