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Quotes by hugz_kisses

Your standing there Im standing here

so many things run through mind that i just
want to yell at you but, of course, I don't
have the nerve to.

I watch you walk away and have the feeling of regret

because i let another moment go by without you

Your standing there and Im sitting here
glancing at you every chance i can..
Fining my pride building up my courage.
But there you go walking away and i missed my
chance ... again.

Im standing here looking up at the stars, tears running

down my cheeck. Repeating everything i would
have said to you.. 

Playing it all out on how it would go, you would
hold me again and finally understand EVERYTHING
and it would all be like it was back then <3

but in reality


" I never told you what i should of said, No i never told you  
I just held it in.. and now i
EVERYTHING about you...
And still
your gone </3 "


mine(: fav? thanks
*Never told you the song inspired me to this!

So we fight through the hurt
 and aren't afraid to cry.

We live and We learn
from All of our mistakes

And hope that we can
conquer all our fears

and keeping walking through our life


We Can
talk all day
laugh at each others jokes
smile, hug, dance with each other

we will NEVER be the same like we were before 


We all walk a path in out lives;
At one point we cross anothers but in the end it is all you.
You choose where you want to go in life and how its going to happen.
You may go through difficult obsticles but eventually you get through it, The only
way you can get lost in by looking
back at your mistakes and regrets. Instead of trying to go back in history
keep those memories and learn from the mistakes and put a smile on
your face. Life is not about regrets and being sad or mad its about
accomplishing things and exploring who you are, meeting people that
impact on you, helping others, and living it up in the best way you can, making
a stand to what you know is right. Life is something we take for granted when we shouldnt.
When you reach the end of your path you wanna be able to say you did what you wanted and

Have a smile on your face(:
And It's Sad
when you find out who your 'real friends' are as the end of the school year comes..

just giving up..
I look at my *grandparents*
and i see there happiness and love for each other.
I think of how many years they have been together
and realize how there love for each other has stayed
with them for soo long. I think about the way my
grandma always tell my grandpa that the feeling shes
had from him everytime he looked at her she still gets <3 
I see how them being together puts a smile on there face
 Through them i see how just one person can last a
lifetime if you truley let it..
Because of them i still have hope :)

And honestly..
After everything he's put me through]
if he were to text me right now.. I would text back in a heart beat

He played with my head
[[For a couple of weeks]]
And it was like in a second
He was on to the next girl,
Like i no longer exsisted..
I don't think he realizes how much
pain he's put me through since then

telling yourself over and over
"He's gonna text back"
Looking at your phone every 30 seconds
and, after whats seems like forever, realizing
He Really Isnt </3

It's A Friday Night
i could be out with friends doing whatever
but i rather be on witty, facebook, and youtube:)